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Must-Know Beauty Benefits Of Raspberry

Every now and then we need to pamper our skin because the environment that we live in is not at all pure. The pollution emitted by vehicles, dust, grime, sweat, UV rays of the sun tend to rob off the natural glow of the skin resulting in skin damage. Our hair also goes through the same trouble.

A monthly face clean-up, facial, hair spa and hair treatment is definitely a good habit as this will help rejuvenate your skin and hair. But the chemicals that the salon use are not at all good for the skin and hair in the long run. So, it's better that you switch to 100 per cent organic and all natural products.

Organic and natural products are always a safe bet as these do not harm the skin and hair. So why not use fruits for skincare?

Fruits help to rejuvenate the skin whether by consuming them or by applying them on the skin. Fruits contain alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) that are great for the skin. These contain anti-ageing properties and the Egyptians were known to use fruits in their skincare regime. The AHAs are perfect for sensitive skin type and give the skin a natural glow.

So, today we will be talking about raspberries. Let's check it out, shall we?

Raspberries are not just good for health but there are numerous benefits of raspberries for the skin and hair. Let's check out the beauty benefits of raspberries now:

Must-know Beauty Benefits Of Raspberry:

1. Prevents ageing:

Ageing is a natural process and no one can stop it but one can definitely slow down the process. Raspberries are an excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants that help to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, discolouration and age spots. Vitamin C increases the production of collagen, meaning it helps to retain the natural glow of the skin and makes the skin look healthy and glowing.

2. Protects from suntan:

The harmful UV rays of the sun cause damage to the skin. The antioxidant activity of ellagic acid helps to protect the skin from damage caused by the UV rays of the sun. Ellagic acid stops the destruction of collagen and helps to rejuvenate the skin.

3. Good for sensitive skin:

Raspberries are great for treating inflammation and redness on sensitive skin because of their excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These help to soothe the skin and help in treating various skin problems.

4. Gives you a bright skin:

The presence of anthocyanin compounds in raspberries help to make the skin look young and beautiful. It also improves the complexion of the skin and provides the skin with a natural glow. Raspberries act as an astringent and skin brightener.

5. Improves hair health:

Daily consumption of raspberries is good for the health of our hair as it contains biotin, a popular supplement that is good for the hair. Raspberries provide natural shine and help to keep the hair long, strong and healthy.

6. Promotes hair growth:

Raspberries contain folic acid that helps in restricting hair fall and promoting hair growth. Vitamin C also plays an important role in hair growth as it helps to keep the scalp healthy and prevents hair damage.

How To Use Raspberry For Skin Care:

There are different methods to use raspberry to treat our skin. So, today we will make a simple homemade raspberry face mask.

Raspberry Face Mask:

• 6-8 pieces of raspberries.
• 3 tablespoons of rosewater.
• ¼ cup of raw honey.

How To Make:
• In a blender add a handful of raspberries and blend it well.
• In a clean bowl add raspberry juice, rosewater and honey. Mix them well.

How To Apply:
• Apply this mask on your face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes.
• Wash it off with cold water.

Why This Works:

Raspberries contain vitamins C, B, E, gallic acid and quercetin that provide skincare benefits. These help to rejuvenate the skin, brighten the complexion and improve skin elasticity. These also help to ward off skin problems, slow down the ageing process and keep the skin soft and glowing.

Honey is a natural humectant. It helps to hydrate and soften the skin. It is also an excellent exfoliant, meaning it gently removes dead skin cells from the upper layer of the skin and brings out the radiant and glowing skin from beneath.

Rosewater helps to maintain the skin's pH balance and also controls excess oil production. Rosewater contains anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness on the skin due to skin irritation, ward off acne and heal scars and wounds. Since it's a natural astringent, it helps to tone and hydrate the skin.

Time to whip up this amazing face mask, ladies, and you'll be surprised how these ingredients really work. After all, nothing beats natural and homemade products. You will love it because it actually works.