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How To Do A Sock Bun In 6 Easy Steps

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Who doesn't like flaunting buns - whether they are smooth and refined buns or messy ones? Buns are something that are here to stay.

A hairstyle that has been there since ages and only gets better as people innovate with the bun styles and look; a hair bun is something that makes you look classy as well as chic.

How To Do A Sock Bun In 6 Easy Steps

You would have seen many celebrities sporting the bun hairstyle, especially during press conferences, red carpet events, etc. You too can achieve this look which is more widely referred to as the sock bun hairstyle.

Sock Bun Hairstyle

You might wonder why it is called so and how is it different from any of the professionally styled hair buns. Well, you could shop for a hair donut or an insert to achieve the perfect hair bun, but have you wondered that you can do the same perfect bun using a sock.

Well, yes, socks can help you attain the perfect bun as well and hence the name. You would just need a pair of scissors and a sock to attain this look. And if you are worried that it would take you hours to get the look right, then you are in for a pleasant surprise; it would not take you more than ten minutes.

So, no matter where you are heading out and in case you are short of time, then you can definitely go for this look. You will no longer need to struggle with loose buns that might just fall off any minute. Read on to know the simple, easy steps to achieve a sock bun.

Steps To Create A Sock Bun

• Creating The Insert

The materials required are one pair of tube socks. The longer the socks, the better, as it can give more volume to your bun. You would need scissors, one hair elastic, comb, hairspray and bobby pins.

Cut the tips of the toes off the socks. Roll the first sock to create a ring. To create a bigger insert, you can place the end of the other sock around the sock ring and then keep on rolling till the sock bun has doubled. Ensure that it's smooth and appears to be a seamless sock bun.

• Preparing Your Hair

To have a crown-like bun, do a high ponytail at the top of your head. Brush your hair to make it smooth. If you wish to have a messy bun, then you can skip taming your hair using the brush.

• Pulling Your Hair Through The Insert

Place the sock insert created at the base of the ponytail and pull the entire ponytail out of it. Ensure that there is no stray hair sticking out.

• Slide The Sock Bun Insert Till Where Your Ponytail Ends

When the entire ponytail has got through the sock bun insert, you will have several inches of hair out that can then be rolled over the sock bun and tucked underneath to place the ends inside.

• Rolling The Bun

When the ends of the hair are tucked in, roll the sock bun insert. Do this in an outward motion that is towards your scalp. Before you make a new roll, each time hold the base of the ponytail tight and pull the hair so that there is even distribution of the hair all along the bun.

This will prevent the formation of hair lumps in the bun. When you keep rolling your hair towards the scalp, use your fingers to keep guiding the hair under the insert. In case you find the shape of the bun to be turning weird, you will need to remove the insert and start all over from the beginning again.

Preparing this kind of a bun requires a bit of patience and a lot of practice. You will get the hang of it as you keep doing it daily.

• Adjusting The Sock Bun

As the final step, tuck away any stray hair underneath the sock bun. Use your fingers to adjust the placement of hair in case you see any sock being seen through your hair. In case you feel that the sock bun is lose than expected then use bobby pins to fix it.

Fixing bobby pins across the perimeter of the sock bun insert will ensure stability of the bun and prevent it from getting loose. You can finally apply a hair spray and comb away any flyaways.

The look attained post the sock bun hairstyle is perfect for a professional meet-up as well as for your friendly get-togethers.

Being easy to do, this bun hairstyle can sort out your bad hair days. Moreover, this style can be opted for by people of all hair types.

So irrespective of straight, curly or wavy hair, you can proudly flaunt this bun hairstyle and you are sure to receive plenty of compliments for it.

Story first published: Friday, July 6, 2018, 19:00 [IST]
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