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    Homemade Lemon And Green Tea Face Pack For Oily Skin

    It is no secret that oily skin is one of the most troublesome skin types to have. People with this skin type are more prone to unsightly conditions like blackheads, acne flare-ups, clogged-up pores, greasy skin, etc.

    There are tons of factors like over productive sebaceous glands, genetic factors, health-related issues, stress, unhealthy lifestyle habits, etc., that can cause an overproduction of oil in the skin and thus lead to various skin-related problems.

    Homemade Lemon And Green Tea Face Pack

    All these problems can not only take a toll on the health of the skin but also wreak havoc in its appearance. And, if you're someone who has oily skin, then you must know how challenging it can be to take care of it.

    But, fret not, with the help of certain homemade treatments, it is very much possible to take care of oily skin and ward off the related problems.

    Today at Boldsky, we're letting you know about one such homemade treatment that works wonders on oily skin type, which is 100% natural, safe to use and wallet-friendly.

    This treatment requires you to prepare a face pack using two remarkable skin care ingredients - lemon juice and green tea. The concoction of these two remedial ingredients can work like a charm on oily skin.

    It can absorb excess oil from the skin, prevent the pores from getting clogged up with impurities and dead skin cells, ward off acne flare-ups and help your skin achieve an oil-free and refreshing look.

    Lemon And Green Tea Face Pack Recipe

    Here is the recipe you'll need to follow to whisk up this wonderful homemade lemon and green tea face pack:

    Oily Skin care routine, ऑयली स्कीन है तो न करें ये गलतियां | BoldSky


    1 tablespoon of green tea leaves
    1 tablespoon of lemon juice

    How To Make:

    • Grind the tea leaves and put the resulting powder in a glass bowl.
    • Add lemon juice to the powder and distilled water if required.
    • Stir thoroughly to get a creamy, smooth paste ready.

    How To Use:

    • Smear the paste all over your freshly cleaned face.
    • Allow it to settle in your skin for about 10-15 minutes.
    • Rinse off the residue with cold water.
    • Pat your skin dry and apply a light toner for enhanced results.
    • Weekly application of this homemade face pack can prove to be beneficial for oily skin type.

    Benefits Of Lemon Juice For Skin

    • Lemon juice is an excellent source of citric acid. This property of lemon juice enables it to absorb excess oil from the skin and give it a refreshing look.

    • It is also cited as a natural bleaching agent. This feature of lemon juice makes it one of the most effective natural remedies for lightening prominent dark spots and acne scars.

    • Lemon juice contains a high content of vitamin C. This vitamin can effectively brighten the skin's complexion and make sure that the skin tone is even. Also, it enables lemon juice to provide a radiant glow to the otherwise dull-looking skin.

    • A powerhouse of antibacterial properties, lemon juice can also be used for treating acne breakouts. Not only does it destroy the acne-causing bacteria but also wards off unsightly breakouts.

    • Also, lemon juice is known to be a natural astringent. Its function is to remove impurities and dirt substances from the skin pores and minimize the appearance of large pores.

    Benefits Of Green Tea For Skin

    • Green tea is hailed as an excellent remedy for oily skin. Due to its exfoliating properties, green tea can absorb excess sebum from the skin and prevent it from looking too greasy.

    • Packed with tannins, green tea can also be used for getting the gunk out of the pores. As this particular compound enables green tea to draw out the impurities and dead skin cells from the skin pores.

    • The chemical composition of green tea also makes it an excellent remedy for treating skin problems like under-eye bags and dark circles.

    • Topical application of green tea can also safeguard the skin from damaging free radicals that can adversely affect the health of the skin and cause premature signs of ageing.


    • Always test a face pack material on a patch of your skin prior to applying it to your face.

    • Maintain caution while applying this face pack to make sure that it does not get into your eye.

    • After using this pack, it is wise to prevent sun exposure for at least 3-4 hours.

    Give this easy-to-make and effective face pack a try to help improve the state of your skin. Not only will this pack absorb excess sebum from your skin, but it will also make sure that unsettling acne breakouts stay at bay.

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