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10 Must-Know Eye Shadow Tricks For Beautiful Eyes

Eye makeup can take your makeup game to a totally different level. Eye shadows are an important aspect of eye makeup. It can make your eyes stand out and appear more attractive, adding depth and dimension to your eyes. A well-chosen eye shadow of the right shade can make one's eyes appear larger, or simply draw attention to the eyes.

However, if you are unsure about the right way of using eye shadows and do not know how to play with colours, things can get horribly messy. So, here's a small brief-up on how to use eye shadows and a few 'must-know' eye shadow tricks that can help you in achieving perfection in your eye makeup. Have a look.

How To Use Eye Shadows

Learning to use eye makeup is not a simple task, even for experienced beauty buffs. In case you are finding it difficult to decode all those complicated makeup tutorials, we have detailed here some simple ways to use eye shadows.

• Begin by highlighting your brow area. If you wish to highlight your brows, and open up the eye area, add a matte shade, or shimmery pale eye shadow or a chubby pencil directly under the brow.

• Apply the main shade or shades of your eye shadow on the mobile part of your eye lid. Get creative here. Some of you may have large eyelids, while others have very little, so adjust it accordingly.

• Apply a darker shade of eye shadow (like deep brown) at the crease of your eye, right along your eye socket. It adds dimension to your eye. If you have hooded eyes, your upper lid covers most of your mobile lid when your eyes are open. Try various placements for crease shadow, by opening your eyes after each test to see which placement makes your crease shadow visible.

• Apply deeper shades of eye shadow in a "V" shape in the outermost corner of the eye. Later if you wish, you can blend your makeup for a softer effect using a blending brush.

• Right along and above the edges of your upper eyelid, where your eyelashes begin, you may define your eye with an eyeliner, just mascara, or a dark eye shadow.

• Along the bottom waterline, use a dark eyeliner or a pale nude eyeliner, and on the top waterline, make the base of your lashes appear thicker. While dark an eyeliner adds to a smoky effect, a nude eyeliner makes the eye appear wider and awake.

• The lower lash line, just below the waterline, is where the liner and shadow can be applied to define the eyes.

• At the inner corner of the eye, around the tear ducts, you can add a little pale shimmery shadow to open up. If you wish to, you may even use the same shade you use for the brow bone.

10 Must-know Eye Shadow Tricks For Beautiful Eyes

Here are 10 simple eye shadow tricks and tips that you could try for creating beautiful eyes:

1. Use a quality brush

Invest in high-quality brushes and products. High-quality brushes can go a long way in helping you with proper blending and application of eye shadows. There are many eye shadow brushes available in various shapes and sizes, and it can get confusing. But the three major ones you should own are basic eye shadow brush, blending brush and angled eye shadow brush.

The basic eye shadow brush can be used for all-over colour as its bristles are flat and stiff, while the blending brush has softer bristles for blending, and the angled eye shadow brush is a precision brush that is right for applying your liner colour above the lash line.

2. Skip eyeliner & use eye shadow instead

You can even consider skipping the eyeliner and replacing it with an eye shadow. This is because bold colours work well without an eyeliner. Alternatively, you can use your eheshadow as an eyeliner too, using bold hues underneath the eye.

3. Smokey eye works best for almond-shaped eyes

Check out the shape of your eyes, whether you have deep-set eyes, hooded eyes, close-set eyes or almond eyes and decide on the shading technique that is right for your specific features and goes well with your natural beauty. For instance, almond-shaped eyes have a natural lift at the outer corner, so it is best for a smokey-eye effect.

4. Three shades for narrow eyes

If you have narrow eyes, keep the shades on the lighter side. Begin by applying a lighter shade on your eyelid from the lash line to the crease, followed by a medium shade of the same family of colour along the crease and extend it past the outer corner to create a depth. Avoid lining the inner rim of the lower lash line and instead, use a nude eyeliner.

5. Blending your edges

Blending your edges is important and has to be emphasized. When the blending is right, your eye shadow will appear flawless. Go easy, do not smear. Just use a light touch and gently sweep your brush along your lid and blend the harsh lines. But you need to use the right brushes, though.

6. Dual colour blending

Use a dark shade of the eye shadow for the bottom area of your eye and medium shade of eye shadow for the area above that and blend them well using a fluffy blending brush.

7. Make it last longer with a primer

If you want your eye shadow to remain intact throughout the day, do not forget to use a primer before applying the eye shadow. A primer also ensures that your eye shadow does not crease and remains popped out.

8. Brown shade for green eyes

If you wish to choose the right shade of eye shadow to intensify your natural eye colour, then find colours that complement your eye the most. So if you have green eyes, brown or rusty shades can look gorgeous.

9. Gold for brown eyes

If you are brown-eyed, most shades will go well with you. But purple or gold hues are particularly beautiful.

10. Copper for blue eyes

Eye Shadows with bronze or copper tone help blue eyes pop. Slate grey is also an option.

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