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    7 Amazing Benefits Of Face Serums You Should Know

    7 Amazing Benefits Of Face Serums You Should Know | Boldsky

    If you've been pampering your skin a lot, then you're probably already familiar with skin serums. What all do we have to do to keep our skin safe and healthy!A different remedy for different skin problems, different face masks for different types of skins, for different issues.

    While all these things do actually work and are great for the skin, wouldn't it be easier for us if we had all of it duly labelled and presented for us to choose under a single umbrella?

    10 Amazing Benefits Of Face Serums

    Like, a genie in a bottle? Well, skin serums are here to bless our lazy souls with their presence. One bottle, many benefits. If only some other things in life were this easy! But let's not let our lazy souls wander that far. Without further ado, let's talk more about skin serums.

    You've been beating around the bush; tell us what a skin serum actually is!

    Skin serums are basically lightweight serums which are usually used with your everyday beauty routine, as in, while you moisturize, cleanse or tone your skin. They heal your skin of almost all problems - you name it, they heal it - very efficiently.

    But isn't that what every other product in the market says?

    Well, skin serums stay true to their word - because skin serums penetrate deeper than any other moisturizer and work at eliminating the skin problem right from the source.

    In other words, they uproot the problem-causing factor in the first place. Skin serums contain a lot of nutrients, vitamins (E, C, K), ceramides, glycerine, and other natural extracts. Their consistency is somewhat gel-like or creamy, although they are lighter than most other skin products.

    Tell us more about how they're different from moisturizers?

    Unlike moisturizers and other skin products, skin serums contain a higher concentration of the ingredients present in it. For instance, both your moisturizer and skin serum mention that they contain ingredient X.

    The difference is that if you take equal amounts of both products, you'll have more X in skin serums and less in moisturizer. And when we say more, it's a whopping big 'more'.

    Hence, they're more efficient. While moisturizers get absorbed into the skin and work on the top layer to lock moisture, skin serums seep under the epidermis and work there to heal skin and nourish it.

    This is because the molecules in skin serums are much smaller than that of moisturizers. While moisturizers and other products are usually cream-based, serums are mostly water-based. 

    What Benefits Do Skin Serums Offer Us?

    For now, here are 7 best benefits of skin serums that might just convince you to adopt them.

    1.) It keeps your skin young and healthy!

    Yup, it acts as an anti-ageing serum as well. Collagen is a pigment which keeps the skin tight, healthy and wrinkle-free. But its production starts to slow down as we age, causing wrinkles and fine lines.

    Skin serums boost the production of collagen in our skin. They work more efficiently than most creams and lotions because of their ability to seep deeper. They also contain peptides, antioxidants, argan oil and other natural ingredients (depending upon the type of serum) in high concentration which prevents the formations of wrinkles and tightens the skin.

    Moreover, skin serums have a lighter consistency than most creams and oils, making it a comfortable experience to have them on your skin. 

    2.) It heals your skin

    Skin serums heal any cuts, wounds, scars, boils, pimples, infections or acne in a shorter time period when compared to other products. The reason - as discussed above, they're more concentrated and seep deeper, hence more potent.

    Since they're water-based, they leave zero to less room for oily residue on the top layer of your skin while they get absorbed into your skin. Meaning, there are very few chances of atmospheric toxins reacting with the oil and causing infections.

    3.) It provides a healthier, glowing complexion

    Skin serums contain antioxidants which prevent external agents from damaging the skin. Serums also aid the formation of new skin cells and help bring them to the top layer, thereby brightening your dull complexion. When your skin glows, it shows it is healthy.

    4.) It moisturizes and hydrates thoroughly

    Skin serums will be your best friends when it comes to moisturization, especially if you have super-dry skin. For all the reasons mentioned above, skin serums are better hydrating agents than other products any day. In addition to that, they work faster than other moisturizers as well.

    5.) It eliminates dark circles

    How cools is that! Aren't we all tired of hiding and concealing those dark circles that don't seem to go away easily and even when they do, they keep returning back. But skin serums are here to help you fight dark circles.

    They not just completely banish dark circles, but also reduce wrinkles, fine lines and dryness around the eyes. Keep flaunting those gorgeous eyes people.

    6.) It shields your skin from harmful sun rays

    These days the UV rays are soooo.... hot. It's good if you're looking forward to getting yourself a little tan but you'll probably end up getting more than what you wished for and it won't be so pleasant. But then, skin serums have a solution for that as well.

    If your skin has already been through the ordeal with suntan, scars and sunspots, you can use skin serums to heal them completely. If you're looking forward to preventing sunburns, sunspots, etc., then mix the skin serum with your regular sunscreen for double the protection.

    7.) It is anti-inflammatory

    Not all skin serums are anti-inflammatory. But you can always look at the labels before buying one. Look for the ones that mention aloe vera, zinc and arnica. Skin serums are usually very specifically manufactured and labelled - as in you can choose which serum you want depending on which combination of problems it solves.

    And yes, you can be sure of getting the result soon enough unlike other products. Skin serums that are anti-inflammatory help reduce puffiness, redness, acne, pimples and inflammation. 

    But What About Oily Skin? Will Serums Not Add To The Oil?

    The short answer is no. In fact, skin serums can help control the oil production in people with too oily skin. Moisturizing doesn't feel like the right thing to do when your skin is already oily.

    But then, once we try to dry out our oily skin, our sebaceous glands being the vigilantes they are, produce more and more oil/sebum again to compensate for that dryness.

    So the question - What on earth should I do about my oily skin?! Well, opt for a serum instead. Skin serums are mostly water-based, get absorbed quickly into the skin and keep our skin hydrated which in turn prevent our sebaceous glands from producing more oil.

    Easy breezy! But make sure you use a mild serum which contains aloe vera, vitamin E, jojoba oil, amino acids, etc.

    So Should I Go Buy A Skin Serum?

    Why not?! Although if you have a serious skin condition you must consult a dermatologist before you buy it. Also, check the ingredients of the serum before you buy one, just in case you're allergic to something.

    Skin serums are really effective but bear in mind the fact that skin serums are usually on the expensive side. And why wouldn't they be, after all, they are so amazing and have so many benefits, with quick results and zero to minimum damage on the skin!

    But if you don't want to spend your money on buying them from the stores, you can search the Internet for amazing DIY skin serums posted by amazing people who make our pockets easier.

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