Find Out What Is Your Zodiac Sign's Perfect Workout

By Sreya Dutta

Let's start with being a little real. This latest trend of the workout world might often feel pretty overwhelming to many. With a seemingly endless number of sweat styles, you could start sifting through, if you've decided to do this, you might want to find a method that will perfectly fit your own special personality like a good old well-fitting boxing glove.

Now that we might be seemingly entering the workout territory with maximum zest, you shouldknow that we are not really trying to knock up a little variety when it comes to your workouts. But what we would like to really help you with is that particular workout routine that matches your personality in the most perfect way. We will help you find the one which suits you zodiac sign the best. We will also help you find out exactly which of the character traits might likely be the most consistent and harmonized with yours. And who knows this might even just lead you right to your perfect match made in heaven workout routine.

Here are some of the best workout routines that are j ust the most suitable ones for your very own special zodiac sign:

zodiac signs yoga connection

1. Aries: Tabata

If you're an Aries, you are courageous, fierce and always up for just about anything! Therefore, your determined energy should help you be absolutely ready for the killer and exciting Tabata workouts, the interesting and fast-paced HIIT workouts that will help you burn tons of calories.

2. Taurus: Running/Jogging

You're the responsible one, which is why a perfect running or jogging session outside in the fresh air, is just the perfect workout for you, dear Taurus. Because, your love for nature as well as for a well-grounded disposition is reason enough for you to shine through this.

3. Gemini: Zumba

Dear party-loving Gemini, your fun and gregarious nature helps make workout seem like a piece of cake for you. Hence, Zumba, the dance-based fun workout session, might bring out just the very best in you.

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4. Cancer: Yoga

Dear peace and privacy-loving Cancer, you being badly yelled at in impersonal and crowded workout classes might just make you retreat into your shell. Classroom or private session yoga is your key workout. Breathe peacefully through it while you shine through the connection that it makes with your intuitive and emotional nature.

5. Leo: HIIT Training

Dear cheerful and dramatic Leo, fun and confidence-demanding HIIT training courses might just be your thing. The fun intervals of its fast and high-intensity moves clubbed with short rest periods are ideal for you.

6. Virgo: Circuit Training

Dear critical and shy Virgo, circuit training might fit your character the best. Have fun through the variety of its moves, as you travel through each intriguing exercise, while working your analytical mind.

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7. Libra: Tennis/Volleyball

Competition was never something you dug, dear Libra, but you love being social. Social activities or outdoor sports like volleyball or tennis might be just the most perfect way for you to connect and be social while getting your fitness game going up.

8. Scorpio: Soccer/Basketball

Dear stubborn and passionate Scorpio, you being always ready to compete, some of the most competitive sports like basketball or soccer really suit you, where you can show off what you've got. It might just be your thing.

9. Sagittarius: Rock Climbing

Dear fearless Sagittarius, risk-taking was always your thing. So, a thrilling activity like rock climbing is absolutely the most ideal way of fitness workout for you. Enjoy the uplifting freedom along with the invigorating adventures that come with it.

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10. Capricorn: Barre Class

Dear control and discipline-demanding Capricorn, barre class is exactly the most suitable and ideal method of fitness workout for you.

11. Aquarius: Group Training

All-or-nothing natured Aquarius, thriving on camaraderie is what you love, so instead of skipping exercises for more fun things, try group training. Its fun-filled social element will make you come back for it while getting stronger, and thus might just be the most perfect workout for you.

12. Pisces: Aqua Zumba

Dear changeable Pisces, the aqua animal in you loves water. Your easy-going nature doesn't much like strenuous activity though. But the artistic part of your nature loves music. So, non-stop dancing along with thumping music, that too in water, called Aqua Zumba, might just be your perfect fit for the best workout.

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