Everything You Need To Know About The American Zodiac Signs

Most of us are not aware of the American astrology when compared to others like the Indian astrology or Chinese horoscope.

But do you know that the American astrology is said to be accurate and to the point? It almost dates back to 5000 years ago.

facts about American zodiac signs

These zodiac signs are based on the "Meso American calendar" and it makes use of the American legend animals such as falcon, beaver, raven goose, otter, etc.

So, find out about what your American zodiac sign has in store for you.


Falcon (March 21–April 19; Aries)

Just like Aries, these individuals are born natural leaders and they often are looked up to for advice. They love to get their job done and they can be perceived as being arrogant at times. However, even if the falcon is arrogant, he will survive in the right environment and he can also be a great team leader. These individuals need just the right support system.


Beaver (April 20–May 20; Taurus)

These individuals are known to be the most organised of all the signs. These individuals are business oriented and they know how to get the job done super quick. On the other hand, they are also hard-working and will go to any extent to see that things fall in the right place.

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Deer (May 21–June 20; Gemini)

These individuals are lively and fun to be around. They are outgoing and are believed to have great conversational skills as well. They are labelled as being self-obsessed and they might even be one!


Woodpecker (June 21–July 21; Cancer)

This zodiac is considered to be the mother of all zodiac signs. It is considered to be the most gentle of all the signs. These individuals will never miss an opportunity to help someone. On the other side, they can instantly get jealous and possessive about their loved ones.


Salmon (July 22–August 21; Leo)

Salmon is said to bring in a lot of positive energy around people. These individuals are often looking out for some inspiration. On the other hand, they also need a good support system. If they fail in it, they can become egoistic and intense.


Bear (August 22–September 21; Virgo)

These individuals are modest and level-headed. Just like the bear, these guys are known for their practical approach of things. On the other side, they can also be extremely uncertain of a few things in life; but as long as they can be patient and understanding, they will come out with shining colours.

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Raven (September 22–October 22; Libra)

These individuals are very energetic and they do well as entrepreneurs. They are also known to be very loyal companions. Apart from this, they will also go to any extent to make their partners happy. They also make for great artists and writers. On the other hand, they are known to be cold at times.


Snake (October 23–November 22; Scorpio)

This zodiac sign is also known to be the most spiritual of all the signs. With their royal and sharp nature, they can scare away their loved ones. On the other side, they can be great leaders and companions, if their energy flows in the right direction.


Owl (November 23–December 21; Sagittarius)

These individuals are known for their warm nature. These individuals are outgoing and also have sharp hearing skills. They are known to be charmers, as they can charm anyone with their speech and make a lot of friends.


Goose (December 22–January 19; Capricorn)

These individuals are determined in life. They will always keep their eyes firmly on their goals, as they are detail oriented. There are times when they will be sad and depressed; but they will eventually thrive well under competition.

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Otter (January 20–February 18; Aquarius)

These individuals are known to have a wide range of skills and they are good at presentation techniques, even though they might have an unusual way of doing things. Though they might not get the job done at first, they will get it done in the most interesting way possible.


Wolf (February 19–March 20; Pisces)

These guys are the most emotional and sentimental of the lot of zodiac signs. At the same time, they like to roam free and wild like a wolf. Hence, they like to maintain the balance, as it is very important.

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    Story first published: Thursday, February 22, 2018, 10:12 [IST]
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