Virat And Anushka Are Truly Made For Each Other According To Their Zodiacs

With the secret wedding and breaking the news to the world through their social media accounts, Virat And Anushka took the world by a storm on their wedding day.

Virat And Anushka Are Truly Made For Each Other According To The Zodiacs

The media has been going bonkers about their wedding in Italy. From her beautiful gown to the pagadi that Virat wore on their wedding day, their wedding was the major talk of the town.

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Amidst all this, we here at Boldsky reveal the zodiac compatibility between these two celebs.

So, check out on how this match is made in heaven, if stars are to be believed...


They Have Magnetic Personalities

Anushka being a Taurean and Virat's sun sign being a Scorpio, this combination is one of the ideal matches. Both these stars have magnetic personalities. Being a Scorpion man, it is very evident that he very protective about his lady love.


The Perfect Match...

Virat being a typical Scorpio, needed a partner who would match his strength, passion and creative nature. And Anushka fits the list well with her most ‘bindaas' attitude.

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Astrological Comparison

According to astrology, a Taurus woman compliments a Scorpion man. Both these zodiacs like to have their share of privacy. They tend to keep their affair out of public gaze. Guess this was the reason for a quiet wedding.


Complimenting Each Other...

According to zodiac, the Taurus knows on how to handle a Scorpio's changing moods. That is why this beautiful couple gel along with each other so well. On many occasions, Virat has even revealed that she has brought stability into his life.


Some More...

Being a Taurean, Anushka is just the opposite of impulsive Virat and hence has prevented him from taking many hasty decisions. Her realistic side nature has balanced Virat emotionally, when it comes to being compatible.

We wish this beautiful couple the very best for their new innings!

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