Superstitions That Cricketers Believe In

By Shibu Purushothaman

When it comes to cricketers, most of them have openly accepted that they have a superstitious behaviour! Human and superstition have come a long way and cricketers are no longer a stranger to this.

Apart from their batting or bowling skills, these cricketers always believe in carrying their luck with them on the field while playing. This not only allows the cricketers to focus on their game but it also helps them to win the game against the opposition.

Representing your country is a huge honour and a gratified part and hence cricketers leave no stone unturned to prove their luck on the field.

These cricketers are not only superstitious by behaviour, but they don't shy away from doing and saying these things in front of the media. These cricketers have openly confessed about their superstitious beliefs on the field.


1. Sachin Tendulkar

When it comes to the God Of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar is extremely superstitious by behaviour. Despite his batting skills and hard work, Master Blaster believes that putting on his left pad before the right one, before playing the game, can help to bring him luck. Sachin said whenever he followed this superstition, it has helped him to win the game and score well on the field.


2. Virat Kohli

The Indian team captain, Virat Kohli is believed to be superstitious as well! According to the reports, it is said that Virat Kohli considers the same pair of gloves as his lucky charm. The cricket legend believes that wearing the gloves can help him to score well on the field. Well, no one is aware where his gloves are now.


3. R. Ashwin

One among the best bowlers of India, R. Ashwin is another Indian cricketer who believes in superstition. Reports have suggested that R. Ashwin considers his bag lucky on the field. The bowler once said that his bag is not only helpful for him but it is lucky for the Indian team as well. Whenever he has carried the bag, the team has gone to win the match.


4. Yuvraj Singh

The man who has battled cancer and roared loud on the field is the one among those who believes to have a superstitious attitude when it comes to batting. It is said that Yuvraj believes number 12 is his lucky number and hence he always wears a jersey with number 12 on it. Yuvraj says this number is lucky because he was born on the 12th day of the 12th month.


5. MS Dhoni

Captain cool, MS Dhoni is one among the cricketers who has gained a lot of stardom and love from the fans across the country. When it comes to his amazing performance on the field, MS Dhoni thanks the number 7. It is said that MS Dhoni believes 7 to be his lucky number and hence he wears the 7 number Jersey on the field.


6. Sanath Jayasuriya

The legend of cricket who is known for scoring the fastest fifties and hundreds on the field is the one who never forgets to carry his luck on the field. In spite of his talent, Sanath Jayasuriya believes checking gloves, pads, helmet, and pockets before facing any bowl can help to bring him luck.


7. Micheal Clarke

Apart from his cricket scores, one strange thing about the Australian cricketer is his strange obsession. It is said that Micheal Clarke believes in listening to loud music before batting. He always makes sure he listens to loud music before going to bat, as it can help him to score better.


8. Mahela Jayawardene

The man who gave many victories for the Lankans, Mahela Jayawardene is another cricketer who believes in following a particular behaviour on the field. Accordingly, it is said that Mahela Jayawardene's superstition lies in his bat. He says that kissing his bat at regular intervals can help him to bat well on the field.


9. Steve Waugh

The man who strongly believes in superstition once said that he does not go to the field without carrying his luck. It is said that Steve carries a red handkerchief on the fields, which was given to him by his grandmother. This not only shows his behaviour and respect towards his grandmother but also helps him to score well during the matches.


10. Sourav Ganguly

Fans call him the god of offside, thanks to his belief of carrying his luck in his pockets. It is said that Sourav Ganguly always carries a photo of his guru in his pocket while playing. He also believes in wearing rings and malas that can help to bring him luck.

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