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What Do Moles Tell About Your Personality

This article is purely fictitious and has no offense to anything or anyone. We're here to share some of the myths regarding moles. These moles are sometimes known to be either lucky or unlucky for a person having them.

Moles are generally the benign growths that appear on the body. There is no specific spot for them to appear and they can appear anywhere and at any time on the body.

Sometimes, moles appear suddenly on spots that are least expected and they also are there since the time a person is born (these are also referred to as birth marks).

They appear when the cells grow on the skin in a cluster. These cells form a pigment that gives a natural colour to the skin and makes it appear darker.

There are some beliefs and myths that people generally believe about moles. Thus, in this article, we are here to share some of the things about what moles tell about a person's personality.

Read on to know more about the interesting facts about moles that define your personality.


Eyebrow Mole

This mole indicates that the person is quite creative and has an artistic bent of mind. They are believed to always have good luck on their side. People who have these moles are said to have a solid career, which in turn brings them wealth and happiness in abundance.


Upper Lip Mole

This mole is quite attractive and defines the beauty of a person. It is said that people with this mole have an amazing personality and are also considered as good flirts! They are extremely friendly and have a charming nature that makes them purely attractive.


The Mole On The Temple

If you have a mole on the temple, it is believed that the person gets to travel a lot in his/her life or may even migrate to some new place. Are you checking yourself if you have one?


Mole On Your Eyelid

Though this does not look great at this particular spot, it is generally considered that the person is a jack of all trades and he/she is quite multi-talented in what he/she does.


Cheekbone Mole

A person who has this mole is considered to be quite influencial and also commands a great respect in any field of work that he/she chooses. People with this mole face less hardships and may tend to get richer as life progresses.


Mole On The Palm

You are a lucky fella if you have a mole on the palm! Time to grin a lot, as the person always has money with him/her. These people also have the ability to handle money nicely.


Mole On The Foot

This is an age-old myth that most of them believe in. People who have a mole anywhere on the foot are considered to be travelling a lot in their life. They also display good leadership skills as well.

Now, are you checking for yourself if you have any moles? Then do share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

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