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Moles On These Body Parts Reveal Financial Crisis

Samudrika Shastra reveals the importance of moles on different parts of our body.

According to the belief, when an individual has moles on these parts of the body, it is believed that the person will experience crisis in their finances.

The moles present on these specific parts of the body reveal about the inescapable expenses that the person will undergo.

Check out the different moles and their significance...


A Mole On Your Left Cheek

If you have a mole on your left cheek, then it is a sign that you would have a great source of income. However, you would be on your toes as you would fail in having some savings.


Mole On Lower Lip

If an individual has moles anywhere near the lower lip, then it is an indication that the individual would often face money crunch most of the time in their lives.


A Mole On The Left Palm

If an individual has a mole on their left palm, particularly the one that doesn't fit inside a clenched fist, then it means that the person will go through severe money handling crisis through their adulthood. Though it's a good sign as you won't face any shortage of money. You find it difficult to curb your expenses.


A Mole On The Left Leg

If an individual has a mole anywhere on their left leg, then it is believed that the person will experience unexplained loss of money. No matter how hard they seem to try and save their money, they would eventually spend it all.


A Mole On The Index Finger

If an individual has a mole present on the inner side of their index finger, it is an indication that these individuals have to bear money-related problems in their lives. There are chances that at one point they may have to survive on hand-to-mouth situations.


Girdle Of Jupiter

If an individual has a sharp, dark mole on the Girdle of Jupiter, then it is a sign that the person will not have money for a long time as it won't stick around. It is predicted that even though these individuals are married into wealthy families, even then they will always have to face difficult situations.


A Mole On The Left Armpit

If a person has a mole in this area, then these individuals should extremely be cautious about their health. These individuals have most of their money getting drained in the treatment of diseases and ailments. This is the main reason why they do not have control over their expenses.

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