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Palmistry Defines Your Impotence Signs

There are several signs of impotence and pregnancy issues that can be seen on your palm. These prominent markings on your palm reveal a lot about your pregnancy.

These signs are prominent signs of you being an impotent person or problems related to pregnancy. Even though these signs and lines are not associated with your sexual dysfunction, it is related to your pregnancy.

Signs like brittle yellow nails to having no branches on your heart line reveal the signs of impotence.

Find out if you have any of these signs on your palm.


The Splitting Branches Of Mercury

If your palm has splitting lines between the branches of the Mercury line, then it indicates pregnancy-related issues. Individuals with this sign seem to struggle a lot to conceive.


A Broken Line On The Health Line

If you have a broken line on the health line, then it is considered as a sign of sexual inability and you will be prone to suffer from many diseases. If many cross lines appear on your health line, it indicates that you will have impotence-related problems.

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If You Have A Circle Mark On The Mount Of Venus

If you have a circle or a marking that is of a round shape on the mount of Venus, then it is considered to be an indicator of the trouble that you will face regarding pregnancy.


About The Venus Mount

If your Venus mount is pressed on your palm, then it is one of the clear indications that you will have a troubled time regarding pregnancy.

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If Nails Are Yellow And Brittle

If you have nails that are brittle and are also yellow in colour, then chances of you facing pregnancy-related problems are more.

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