Nutritious Foods Of Love: Healthy Aphrodisiacs

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Nutritious Foods Of Love
We don't really associate the tag of 'healthy' let alone 'nutritious' with foods of love. They are supposed to be foods for your heart not your body. But the surprising part is that most natural aphrodisiacs are actually quite healthy foods to have on a daily basis. So it is a double whammy; you stay physically and emotionally healthy by eating these food. If you consider the nutrition aspect of these 'mood' foods as we refer to them, you will see that it actually all the good things that get you into a good mood.

So here is a list of the most nutritious food of love that you have before bed time for having 2 benefits at once.

Nutritious Food Of Love:

1. Strawberries: Strawberries and cream in bed is the perfect recipe for a night of romance. Leaving the fatty cream out, strawberries by themselves are a very healthy fruit to have. The numerous nutrition benefits of berries are already known. It's most important quality is that it has anti oxidants that is cancer fighting.

2. Dark Chocolate: A bar of dark chocolate shared by lovers, need we say more. Actually we do. Dark unsweetened cocoa is a great natural aphrodisiac and that is symbolically good for the heart. Natural cocoa has good cholesterol so chocolate is good in the matters of heart in more than one way!

3. Seafood: Most sea foods are considered natural foods of love because of some special variety of lipids present in them. The fact that it is low in fats and a rich source of sea minerals that you cannot find anywhere else helps too. It has proteins and carbohydrates in just the right proportion so oysters and prawns should be on your dinner menu if you her expecting that special someone.

4. Carrots: Not exactly an interesting aphrodisiac, is it? But is a prescription food to make men more sexually active. Other than that carrots have vitamin A for your eyes and also a way of fight away carcinogenic cells. Is that why rabbits have such a healthy love life?

5. Pineapple: Not only is it a natural aphrodisiac but also a cure for male impotency. It increases the sperm count in men and less remarkably is great for fighting cold symptoms because of the rich Vitamin C present in this citrus fruit.

6. Almonds: Almonds are healthy as they give you good cholesterol and safe as theyhelp you lose weight; also energy rich because they have natural oils. They stimulate your mood with their enchanting smell apart from their nutrition value.

7. Wine: Wine and women are a good combination. It can be considered on the list of healthy foods for heart patients as it dilutes the blood and maintain blood pressure. But this not an invitation to get drunk. A glass of wine everyday is all you are allowed.

Follow some good health tips and include these healthy foods of love in your menu.

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