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Superfoods For A Healthy Baby
It is much easier to feed your baby when he or she is breastfed. You are completely sure that what you are feeding your baby is the best food for him. But after 6 months, you have to introduce your baby ...
Superfoods For Healthy Baby

Why People Eat With Hands In Kerala
Why People Eat With Hands In Kerala?
Why do people eat with their hands? Is it because they do not have cutlery? Fussy foreigners often ask questions like this. Eating with hands has its own benefits. It is not just the health benefits we are talking about. The ...
11 Foods That Trigger Headaches
A headache is looked upon as a minor inconvenience. However, there are few things more irritating and painful than a throbbing headache. It disrupts your work, spoils your mood and has a paralysing effect on your life. There are many things ...
Eleven Foods That Trigger Headaches
What To Eat And Avoid For Iftar
What To Eat & Avoid For Iftar?
Ramadan is the holy month of the Islamic calendar when you are supposed to fast from sunrise to sunset and then feast during Iftar. However, this month of fasting can actually turn your weight loss diet on its head. Ideally, you ...
Food To Stop Eating For Weight Loss
Do you go on a diet every morning and fail by the end of the day? Do you promise yourself that you have to lose weight and fail to make any concrete plans of how to lose weight? Then maybe you ...
Foods To Stop Eating For Weight Loss
Eleven Different Ways To Eat Capsicum
11 Different Ways To Eat Capsicum
Bell peppers or capsicum as we call this spice in India is a superfood. You rarely get a vegetable like capsicum that is so healthy and burns fats easily. However, if you keep eating it in the same way, you will ...
10 Healthy Ways To Eat Fast Food
Fast food is normally placed under the umbrella of junk food. It is not that whatever can be prepared fast is always junk. Sometimes, you can find healthy ways to eat fast food if you are smart enough. Eating fast food ...
Ten Healthy Ways To Eat Fast Food
Fish Or Meat Which Is Healthier
Fish Or Meat: Which Is Healthier?
Most vegetarians think that non-vegetarians are a homogeneous group. As far as they are concerned, non-vegetarians are all meat-eating beasts. So, how does it matter what animal they choose to kill. However, non-vegetarians are not a homogeneous group by any means. ...
10 Things To Eat With Ketchup
Things to eat with ketchup are often unhealthy. But as the saying goes, it can either be tasty or healthy. So just take your pick. Ketchup in itself is not a health freaks' favourite food. It is sweet, contains preservative and ...
Ten Things To Eat With Ketchup
Ten Things That Make You Hungry
10 Things That Make You Hungry
Being hungry is a natural process. You eat, you use up all the energy and then you feel hungry again. However, sometimes, you can feel hungry even when your body has no urgent demand for calories. This is when when things ...
15 Signs You Are A Total Foodie
Technically, a foodie is someone who loves to eat. But most foodies agree that it is a very shallow way to define their kind. There are many signs you are a foodie. These signs are subtle yet very distinct in their ...
Fifteen Signs You Are Total Foodie
Eleven Sauces That Are Healthy For You
11 Sauces That Are Healthy For You
Have you ever wondered why you continue to put on weight even though you are dieting? It could be because you are adding the wrong things to your food. For example, sauces and dips are add-ons with food that you usually ...
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