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Health is of prime importance and is balanced on three broad aspects diet, lifestyle and habits. To take care of these three aspect is called health care. In this section specially dedicated to health, find easy solutions to health care, answers to prevention from diseases, treatments of all major and minor ailments and education about all the factors and diseases which affect our health.
Skimmed Milk Vs Full Fat Milk: Which Is Better for You?
We all know that milk is a wholesome food as it contains vitamins and minerals. For children, two glasses of milk a day is a must. Apparently, for grown-ups, milk is a necessary food too. Experts say that drinking milk reduces ...
Skimmed Milk Vs Full Fat Milk Which Is Better 061146
Foods To Cure Hangover Instantly 20150127193722 061021
Foods To Cure Hangover Instantly
Bertram Wooster’s hangovers were always taken care of by his trusted and clever butler Jeeves. We never got to know what went into his concoction, but what we do know is that it instantly cured his master. Well, we too have ...
10 Healthy Ways To Relax After Work
After a long day's work the body feels tired and weak. If you have a party to attend, you definitely do not want to look stressed and tired, right? There are some simple remedies for you to follow in order to ...
Healthy Ways To Relax After Work
Signs Of Dehydration
14 Signs Of Dehydration
What are the signs of dehydration. How does dehydration occur? Well, most of us know the fact that the body is composed of 70 percent of water. Also, your body needs water in order to carry on with its activities on ...
17 Health Benefits Of Coffee
Do you know about the health benefits of coffee? Most of us love coffee. Without a cup of coffee, some of us cannot even imagine starting the day. We have been brain washed by our elders who maintain that coffee is ...
Health Benefits Of Coffee
Health Risks Of Talcum Powder 061000
Health Risks of Talcum Powder
Who does not know what talcum powder is? The white, smooth-textured powder you use to put on your face and body. There are different types of talcum powder for women, men and children. But many of you may be unaware about ...
10 Home Remedies For Chest Pain
There are certain remedies for chest pain. But there could be so many reasons for chest pain. Most of us associate chest pain to heart attack and so we tend to panic when there is a mild pain in the chest. ...
Home Remedies For Chest Pain
Health Benefits Of Jeera
17 Health Benefits Of Jeera
Are you aware of the health benefits of jeera? Well, jeera is the Indian name for cumin seeds. These seeds play an important role in making Indian dishes tasty. Apart from adding taste, they also come with so many health benefits. ...
12 Effective Gym Exercises For Rapid Weight Loss
Obesity is a common problem of your lives. Skipping breakfast, unhealthy eating habits, late night jobs and many more are reasons behind it. But none want an obese figure, right? So, which exercises for weight loss will be good for you? Lots ...
 Effective Gym Exercises For Rapid Weight Loss 060978 060982
 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Skip A Meal 060976
10 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Skip A Meal
Skipping a meal can have many health effects that can affect you rather seriously. Skipping a meal here and there may not pose much health problems, but making this a habit can affect your health seriously. You should be aware of ...
14 Health Benefits Of Ashwagandha
Ayurvedic medicine is one of the traditional and most ancient medicinal systems in the world. Ashwagandha is termed as the herb of the ages. It is also called the "winter cherry". The health benefits of ashwagandha are so vast that ...
 Health Benefits Of Ashwagandha 060971
Foods That Make You Look Old
13 Foods That Make You Look Old
There are some foods that make you look old. It goes without saying that we are what we eat. If we eat healthy food, we tend to be healthy and if we eat unhealthy food, we tend to suffer certain disorders. ...
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