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Health is of prime importance and is balanced on three broad aspects diet, lifestyle and habits. To take care of these three aspect is called health care. In this section specially dedicated to health, find easy solutions to health care, answers to prevention from diseases, treatments of all major and minor ailments and education about all the factors and diseases which affect our health.
Women: Now Lose Weight In 1 Month!
Women are prone to putting on weight in sensual places like the thighs, buttocks, stomach and back. If you want to look nice and sexy for your man it is time to lose that flab in one month. You may ...
Women Now Lose Weight In One Month
Things You Must Definitely Give Up For Weight Loss
7 Habits You Must Give Up If You Wish To Lose Weight
Weight loss is definitely a daunting task. Everyone who intends to achieve the same will undeniably attest this fact. As such, apart from eating foods for weight loss, giving up certain habits is equally important. Besides taking to rigorous exercise, ...
15 Foods That Harm Your Teeth
Are you wrecking your teeth without even knowing it? According to experts, when you suck a lemon or your thumb, you are harming your pearly white teeth. Even when you bite your rigid fingernails, it creates havoc for your teeth. ...
Fifteen Foods That Harm Your Teeth
Awesome Benefits Of Neem Water
8 Awesome Benefits Of Neem Water
We are quite aware of the fact that neem is associated with several benefits, especially those pertaining to beauty. We have all been taught, since childhood, about the qualities that make neem extremely beneficial to health. In this article, we ...
7 Reasons You Shouldn't Worry About Ebola
Ebola, also known as the Ebola virus disease, is a widely known disease caused by the Ebola virus. It affects humans and other primates alike. The disease was detected after almost decades in Guinea in 2013 and has since then spread ...
Reasons Why You Should Not Worry About Ebola
Twelve Health Tips For A Perfect Body
12 Health Tips For A Perfect Body
It requires a lot of patience, dedication and the right diet to get the perfect figure. Getting a size zero is possible but the process of losing weight should be healthy. Models look for the easy way out due to their ...
7 Myths About Sleep And The Impact On Health
People require varied hours of sleep depending on various factors that are encountered in life. While there exist several facts about sleep, there do exist a good number of myths as well. It cannot be ignored that these myths about sleep ...
Myths About Sleep And The Impact On Health
Five Reasons Why Sardines Are Must Have
5 Reasons Why Sardines Are A Must-Have
Sardines are one of the most popular and widely available fish varieties, and provides some great health benefits too. They are readily available in the market, and is cheap when compared to other fish varieties. If you are a non ...
Yoga Poses For Better Buttocks
Yoga helps in sculpting, moulding and toning your body. It is especially good for those who have a heavy lower part. Practising yoga on a daily basis can help you to keep your body in shape. Getting rid of that ...
Yoga Poses For Better Buttocks
Ways To Lose Weight In A Week
10 Superb Ways To Lose Weight In Just A Week
Weight loss is perhaps the most elusive lifestyle concept to accomplish with most people unable to see palpable results due to many reasons. The probability of getting your regime all wrong is very high and inevitably, results aren't on par with ...
10 Healthy Ways To Reduce Hunger
People have a big problem with losing weight because they cannot reduce their hunger. When a person is hungry, he or she tends to munch on the unhealthiest of things. If you can get to reduce your hunger naturally, then you ...
Ten Healthy Ways To Reduce Hunger
Ten Foods To Eat Before Drinking
10 Foods To Eat Before Drinking
A night of drinks with some drunken buddy chats is something we all love to have once in a while. However, as we grow older, get more responsible and have more pressing jobs, we try to limit these nights of fun ...
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