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Health is of prime importance and is balanced on three broad aspects diet, lifestyle and habits. To take care of these three aspect is called health care. In this section specially dedicated to health, find easy solutions to health care, answers to prevention from diseases, treatments of all major and minor ailments and education about all the factors and diseases which affect our health.
Health Benefits Of Plank Exercise
The best thing about certain workouts is that they are simple but they offer the best fitness levels. That is what you will discover once you know about the benefits of plank exercise. All you need to do in order to ...
Health Benefits Of Plank Exercise
Health Benefits Of Sit Ups
Health Benefits Of Sit Ups
You will be bale to appreciate exercises once you realise the benefits of sit ups. Can you imagine looking sculpted without going to the gym? Well, certain simple exercises like push ups and sit ups offer you that advantage without the ...
Tips To Overcome Swine Flu
To fight a battle you need good and effective weapons. But when the enemy is stronger than you, only fighting cannot enlist your name in the list of great warriors. You need to pre-plan to defeat your enemy and also take ...
Tips To Overcome Swine Flu
Eighteen Home Remedies For Gum Pain
18 Home Remedies For Gum Pain
Gum pain may be caused by various reasons. It may be due to gum infections that causes pain and inflammation. Sometimes the cause of gum pain is sensitive gums, ulcers on gums, brushing your teeth in a way that harms your ...
10 Things Not To Be Forgotten On Doctor's Visit
If you are going to visit a doctor for any ailment then you have some hope related to the treatment and doctors advice. You spend money and time for a doctor's appointment. It should not go waste and above all the ...
Ten Things Not To Be Forgotten On Doctors Visit
Eleven Best Foods To Stop Ageing
11 Best Foods To Stop Ageing
No one wants to have the ill effects of ageing, an emancipated and weak look. If we look yonger in our old age it would be a boon. Sometimes we wonder how is that old man or lady looking so vibrant, ...
Ways To Get Back To Shape Without Starving
Often when one is trying to fit into the old clothes, and unable to get in, feels regret about all those extra calories that were consumed during the previous meal. But this is not the solution to the underlying trouble. The ...
Ways To Getback To Shape Without Starving
Twelve Nutrition Mistakes Only Women Make
12 Nutrition Mistakes Only Women Make
Is your sister looking for a fat-free diet? Is your friend gorging on brown breads? Does your colleague brings a gallon jug of water and makes sure to finish it by the end of the day? If you are really convinced ...
The Benefits Of Padmasana
Are you aware of the benefits of Padmasana? Though this posture seems very simple, it really isn't so easy to sit in this pose for long. You need to sit straight and lock your legs in an inconvenient position. After a ...
The Benefits Of Padmasana
Benefits Of Hindu Push Ups
Benefits Of Hindu Push Ups
What are the benefits of Hindu push ups? Well, these push ups are very famous in India. They are different from the regular push ups and are in fact a bit difficult to perform. The style is a bit different. ...
Get Rid Of Noisy Ears By These 14 Remedies
The medical term for ringing of ears is tinitus. What is tinnitus? In this condition there is continuous ringing, whistling, buzzing or sizzling sound in ears. This is a very annoying condition as it diminishes hearing due to constant ringing in ...
Get Rid Of Noisy Ears By These Fourteen Remedies
The Benefits Of Pears
The Health Benefits Of Pears
Most of us are not aware of the benefits of pears. It is a fruit that tastes sweet and is almost the size of an apple. This fruit comes in various colours which include red, brown, green and yellow. This juicy ...
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