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To stay healthy, one needs to eat the right type of food. Here, the right food means food that contains all the necessary nutrition that is required for the healthy functioning of the body’s system. For a healthy metabolic rate, one needs nutrition and a balanced diet. So eat nutritious food and get all the health benefits.
Top 10 Foods To Eat After Workout
If you workout then you need to know what foods to eat after workout so that your muscles can heal and you can get the result that is desired by you. You could call them, recovery foods. But first, stop eating ...
Top 10 Foods To Eat After Workout
Foods To Eat To Get Muscles
Foods To Eat For Muscle Building
When we think about building our muscles, the only thing that comes to mind is working long hours in the gym. However, diet and proper rest are equally important to build our muscles. All these put together will help you attain ...
Superfoods For A Healthy Baby
It is much easier to feed your baby when he or she is breastfed. You are completely sure that what you are feeding your baby is the best food for him. But after 6 months, you have to introduce your baby ...
Superfoods For Healthy Baby
Why Citrus Fruits Are Important To Consume After Fifty
Benefits Of Citrus Fruits After The Age Of 50
Citrus fruits not only taste good, but also keep us healthy! Yes, eating citrus fruits are effective in offering many health benefits to your body. Citrus and citrus products are well known for its high content of vitamins, minerals and dietary ...
11 Foods That Trigger Headaches
A headache is looked upon as a minor inconvenience. However, there are few things more irritating and painful than a throbbing headache. It disrupts your work, spoils your mood and has a paralysing effect on your life. There are many things ...
Eleven Foods That Trigger Headaches
Low Carb Nourishment Foods For Breakfast
Low Carb Nourishment Foods For Breakfast
When you are on a weight loss diet, you should be careful what you eat as it can affect your progress. When you work out at a gym, enquire from your fitness instructor on the foods you should and shouldn't eat. ...
What To Eat & Avoid For Iftar?
Ramadan is the holy month of the Islamic calendar when you are supposed to fast from sunrise to sunset and then feast during Iftar. However, this month of fasting can actually turn your weight loss diet on its head. Ideally, you ...
What To Eat And Avoid For Iftar
Tasty Healthy Ways To Eat Seeds
Healthy Ways To Eat Seeds
Seeds are the embryonic plant itself. It is considered the origin of nutrition. Seeds come in different shapes and sizes. When the plants produce the seeds, they are filled with high concentrations of proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and oils. When you ...
11 Different Ways To Eat Capsicum
Bell peppers or capsicum as we call this spice in India is a superfood. You rarely get a vegetable like capsicum that is so healthy and burns fats easily. However, if you keep eating it in the same way, you will ...
Eleven Different Ways To Eat Capsicum
 Healthy Ways To Season Chicken
10 Healthy Ways To Season Chicken
If you wonder how to season chicken in a healthy way, then don’t hesitate to try making homemade seasonings. This will help you keep your dish free from chemicals such as preservatives, additives or artificial flavour enhancers. Using natural and healthy ...
12 Health Benefits Of Fish Oil
The tissues of oily fish are the source of fish oil. It is a well known fact among those who care for their body that fish oils are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) ...
 Health Benefits Of Fish Oil
Ten Healthy Ways To Eat Fast Food
10 Healthy Ways To Eat Fast Food
Fast food is normally placed under the umbrella of junk food. It is not that whatever can be prepared fast is always junk. Sometimes, you can find healthy ways to eat fast food if you are smart enough. Eating fast food ...
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