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Vidur Niti: These People Will Never Find Happiness In Life


Vidura was a significant character in the Mahabharata. He was the brother of Pandu and Dhritrashtra, and thus the uncle of the Kauravas and the Pandavas. He was the only man who had raised his voice against the Kauravas while they tried to humiliate Draupadi in front of the entire gathering in the court of the Kauravas. A man of morals, he was even given a boon by Lord Krishna as a result of his virtues in life.

According to the boon, he had the divine vision through which he could see the battle of Mahabharata while sitting at his home. That is how he could narrate the live updates of the battle before Dhritrashtra. This virtuous man has also authored a book called Vidur Niti, which talks about the principle values that govern a happy and righteous life. Taken from this book, here we discuss which 6 types of people can never achieve happiness in life. Take a look.


Those Who Depend On Others For Their Survival

Vidur says that those who depend on others for their living can never be happy. While some of the needs might be fulfilled, fulfilment of all the wishes is not possible for them. They are like those parasites who depend on the body of another creature and when that creature is devoid of nourishment, the parasite also has to suffer the consequence.


Those Who Have A Habit Of Doubting

We often say that the universe runs on trust. Trust is the basic requirement of a peaceful life. Even a relationship is meaningless when there is no trust between the two people. Those who constantly doubt their friends and relatives, find no peace and hence no happiness.


Excessive Desires

While desires are what take us to heights of success and get us name and fame, when these desires exceed one's resources, these lead one to a state where one suffers restlessness. This restlessness is either because of unfulfilled desires or because of constantly vanishing resources. Hence, the person does not achieve real fulfilment or what we call happiness.


Those Who Hate Others

It is no inordinary thing if one starts hating somebody for a genuine reason. But there is an equal need to forgive that person and let the heart breathe some happiness. Yes, hatred keeps the heart overflowing with negative feelings and thus affects the mood and long-term happiness negatively.


Those Jealous Of Others' Success

Success comes to everybody later or sooner. There are some people whose most attention goes into thinking about the achievements of others and a desire to be the owner of their achievements. We need to understand that everybody's struggles and destinies are different. Hence, different lives and their paths.


Short Tempered

Those who have a habit of being angry at petty issues, often ignore small moments of happiness. Most of their time and energy is used up in it and they end up feeling dejected and unhappy. Hence, we should learn not to seek perfection every time and that sometimes letting small issues go is a better option than correcting every bit of them. It helps build stronger relationships, stronger personality and a relaxed mind, thus enforcing happiness.

Story first published: Monday, January 7, 2019, 18:25 [IST]
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