The Importance Of The Brahmasthan

कहाँ होता है घर का ब्रह्म स्थान है? क्या है महत्व | Why Brahmsthan is important | Boldsky

Brahmasthan is the ninth direction among the ten directions mentioned in the scriptures.
It is the most central point of the house. It can be estimated by dividing the plot or the house in sections of nine squares. Among these blocks, the Brahmasthan is the central block. It is important not only for houses but also for the other commercial buildings, to keep in mind the facts about the Brahmasthan. It must be considered before buying a plot or home.

The Importance Of The Brahmasthan

The importance of the Brahmasthan is immense. Brahmasthan is responsible for the main energy flow in the house. This energy affects the inhabitants of the house or a building with the kind of energy that it radiates or the building and hence it affects the whole life of the inhabitants of the house.

Negative energy flowing through the Brahmasthan brings delay in projects and profits in the business. After all, it is energy that the brain gets and which affects our moods and hence our work.

The concept of Brahmasthan is a Vedic concept based on the Vastu Shastra of that times and is followed till today. Brahmasthan is the holiest place of the house. It radiates energy into all the directions. Hence, the type of energy must be good, positive and enriching, so that it gives a similar lead to the life.

Some structures which are inauspicious for this place disturb the equanimity and the flow of positive energy in the house. More open space ensures the flow of more positive energy. A favourably set up Brahmasthan brings good luck to the inhabitants and good opportunities if it is a commercial building.

Here is a list of objects and structures that you must avoid having at the Brahmasthan.

1. This area should not be used for construction of toilets, bathrooms or storerooms. This is the holiest place of the house and therefore it is inauspicious to have these things at this place.
2. It should also not be utilized for garbage, well construction, pillar or pumps.
3. One must not sleep in this area, as it might make life a mess.
4. There should not be a bedroom at this place.
5. Having a kitchen here will result into poor health of the inhabitants.
6. Heavy appliances such as powerhouses, lifts, generators or motors, if kept at this place will lead to heavy financial losses.
7. Arches and staircases also affect the financial stability negatively.
8. Heavy machinery, heavy boxes, etc., at this place might also lead to the flow of negative energy, thus affecting the lives of the inhabitants negatively.

Now, since we know what we can not have at this place, let us also take a look at what is auspicious for the Brahmasthan.
Here is a list of objects and structures that we can have in the Brahmasthan.

1. The Brahmasthan must be clutter free and open.
2. We can have a courtyard here.
3. Keep this place decorated with small plants or flower pots.
4. Construction of hall or the puja room in this place is also considered auspicious.
5. If it is a hall, its walls can be painted in different colours.
6. If it is a floor, the colour of the floor can be different too. You can have a boundary of different style around it.
7. It can be used as a common conference hall without keeping heavy chairs or tables on it.
8. It can also be used as a dining hall, leaving the center unoccupied.
9. This place should be under the open sky, meaning that the sunlight should be falling here.
10. This place can also be sued as a lawn, and a basil plant, Tulsi, can be planted here.

Now that you know what rules need to be kept in mind regarding the Brahmasthan, you can ensure the flow of positive vibes all in and around your house and office.

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    Story first published: Sunday, May 6, 2018, 9:00 [IST]
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