The Importance of Chanting Vedic Mantras

Vedic mantras are a set of syllables or words that when chanted with complete concentration and with proper pronunciation help bring about changes in the universal energy and the chanter's spiritual energy.

Vedic mantras are thought to have originated in the Vedic times and were inculcated into the Hindu spiritual and religious practices. Since then, Vedic mantras have become a part of every important occasion of the Hindu community.

The importance of chanting Vedic Mantras

Hindu marriages, rituals of newborn, rituals at death, etc., are all dependent on the proper chanting of their respective mantras. Each mantra creates a unique vibration that changes the atmosphere as the situation dictates. It also dispels negativity and invites positivity. In a way, these mantras bring the soul of a mere mortal closer to the divine power.

Today, we shall discuss why Vedic mantra chanting is so integral to the Hindu religion. We shall also take a look at the benefits we can stand to gain by correctly chanting a Vedic mantra. Read on to know more.

How Does Chanting A Vedic Mantra Help Us?

• Attracts positivity

Mantras harness the power of sound to create vibrations in the air around you. These vibrations can help remove negativity and bring in the positivity that the God you are worshiping stands for.

• Takes you closer to the almighty

The sounds produced through the mantras can help you feel closer to the almighty. It can uplift you in a spiritual way to feel the presence of divinity.

• Syncs you with the universal energy

Universal energy is the power that surrounds each and every living and non-living thing in the world. It is what shapes the world as you see and feel it. It is said that this energy is pliable and can be harnessed with the power of the mind. Mantras can help you get in sync with this universal energy.

• Will keep you healthy

The chanting of Vedic mantras can help to counteract any stress that you may have. It is thought to even have the power to prevent or cure physical disorders and diseases.

• Helps you attain your goals

Often, the mind can be distracted by responsibilities and duties and it can be hard to prioritize your goals over your day-to-day life. Vedic mantra chanting will help you calm your mind. It will bring everything into perspective and will help you work towards your goal efficiently.

• Brings you many healing energies

You will find a specific Vedic mantra for all kinds of healing energies that you may need. You will find a mantra that will bring you peace, another which will bring you health. There are mantras for the manifestation of material desires like wealth and prosperity too. Other things that can be gained through the faithful chanting of mantras are protection, success, love and happiness.

How To Chant A Vedic Mantra

• Who Should Chant The Vedic Mantra?

A Vedic Mantra can be chanted by you but you need to be careful about pronouncing it properly. You can also listen to it being chanted by someone else.

• Importance Of The Rhythm

The rhythm of the Vedic Mantra is also very important. The correct rhythm will help in creating the proper vibrations that can help you to achieve the outcome you desire.

• Make Your Mantra More Effective

The effectiveness of the mantra depends upon your intent, dedication and devotion. The more you commit to your desire and the Mantra, the more are the chances of its manifestation.

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• Choosing A Vedic Mantra

If you desire a specific outcome, choose a Vedic Mantra that is specified for it. For instance, Mantra for Goddess Lakshmi will bring you wealth and a Vedic Mantra dedicated to Kama Dev will bring you Love.

• Number Of Repetitions

Each God, Goddess and planet will have Mantras dedicated to them. Depending on the deity and the desired outcome, the number of repetitions required will be specified. Sticking to the said number will greatly increase the chances of the manifestation of your desire. 108 times is the usual number of the repetitions done.

• Approaching A Guru For A Vedic Mantra

The best thing to do is to approach a spiritual Guru who will initiate you into a Vedic Mantra that is suitable for you. He will also teach you the correct pronunciation and rhythm that need to be followed. There are astrologers who can guide you too, depending on your Horoscope.

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