Are You Wise Enough To Help Yourself ? Few Lessons From Chanakya


Great Lessons From Chanakya

Chanakya was the advisor of Chandragupta Mourya. There goes a story according to which he played a significant role in bringing victory to Chandragupta and a defeat to the king Dhananand.

Belonging to a Brahmin family, he was the teacher and mentor of Chandragupta Mourya, whom he lead to the throne of Magadh empire. He is an ideal guide for many people around the world today.

Life lessons from Chanakya

His book, Chanakya Niti, is a source of inspiration for them. From the same book, we have collected a few quotes, which will make you wise enough to help yourself. Take a look.

Inspiring Quotes From Chanakya

1. Straight Trees Are Cut First, Hence Never Be A Straight Tree

When he says this, he means that those of us who are the more decent ones, have more chances of falling a prey to the malicious intentions of the shrewd ones. This shrewd category of people is present everywhere.

We have to be smart enough to know who are the well wishers for us. One has to learn to differentiate between the right and wrong. It is just like the fact that the woodcutter attacks the straight trees first. Those that are curved and complex are difficult for him to cut.

Thus, being too honest might make you more prone to attacks from such woodcutters of the society. Never express all that comes to your mind, before people. Do not end up becoming foolish in the quest to become good to all.

2. While The Fragrance Of The Flowers Spreads Only In The Direction Of The Wind, The Goodness Of A Person Spreads In All The Directions.

Pretty true, we have often heard or read quotes which inspire us to become as good as a flower, radiating fragrances all around. But what we miss is that the fragrance of the flowers has to go with the flow of the wind. This does not mean, we must stop being good.

Well, cherish the goodness within you, and do it wisely. An act of charity to the one who has not eaten for days, bringing a smile on to the face of a kid, who is sitting on the roadside wishing he too could go to school, helping an old man cross the road, asking your new colleague for lunch, etc., are those acts which will make you known for your goodness.

While your success in the professional field might be a reason for your respect in the society, you would not see the people around when you might be in problems, if you have never made them feel you are a good person.

3. Learn From The Mistakes Of Others, Don't Make Yourself A Victim Every Time, You Might Not Live For So Long As To Learn Everything From Your Mistakes.

Well, it is true that we must learn from our mistakes, but the fact that others' mistakes should also be a source of learning for us is also true. Staying alert is one of the best ways you can help yourself. See what happens around and learn from it.

To this, what we would like to add is, help people in their times of adversity. This way, not only will they love the good in you, but you too will learn a lot from them for your life.

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Staying busy in your own life and claiming you are intelligent enough might not do you any good, so lending a hand to those in their times of need will help you too. Wise are those who can extract their share of learning just by looking around.

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    Story first published: Friday, June 22, 2018, 12:45 [IST]
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