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Is Reincarnation A Real Concept?


Reincarnation is the phenomenon that pertains to the rebirth of an individual. A phenomenon that has invited as much criticism as much as it has invited acceptance, there does exist a considerable degree of ambiguity in ascertaining its validity. This article goes into the details of what is reincarnation, facts about reincarnation and whether reincarnation is real or not.


The one thing all of us humans can associate with when it comes to proving the credibility of a particular phenomenon is science. So speaking of reincarnation, let us answer the question of 'What is reincarnation?' with a slight scientific inclination.

The experiences of a lot of people have actually gone on to attest the credibility of the phenomenon's existence. It is said, in the spiritual perspective, that children remember their childhood experiences until the age of three or four. They speak of things that would surprise any sane parent. Why does this happen? Going by it from the scientific perspective, let us evaluate certain facts about reincarnation that will help us ascertain if reincarnation is real or not.

Science speaks of the fact that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. We have all originated from the elements of the universe, something that cannot be denied. The consciousness of the universe is greater than our own. The consciousness of the earth, although minute in comparison to the universe, is way greater than our own. We are all forms of energy and energy, well, cannot be destroyed. It can only be transferred from one form to the other.

This highlight the fundamental aspect of the eternity of life, going by the indestructible nature of energy. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the energy we are, takes a different form after our mortal body departs from the face of the earth, or rather our soul departs from our mortal body.

It is the consciousness that is eternal and sometimes, when it manifests in a different human form, we are reminded of a few causes -- by facing the effects -- the profound concept of karma. This basic concept of energy in science attests the fact that our life is eternal. Our causes matter the most, for our consciousness manifests the causes we create by making us face the effects -- be it positive or negative. It is energy everywhere.

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