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Significance Of 'Om Nama Narayanaya' And 'Om Sat Guravae Namaha'-II

Continued From Part I


In the Yajur Veda it is stated

Atha Nithyo Narayanah. Dishascha Narayanah.

Vidishascha Narayanah. Oordhwam Cha Narayanah.

Adhashcha. Narayanah Anthar Bahirshcha Narayanah

Ea Vedam Sarvam Yat Bhootam Yach Bhavam.

Lord Narayana is all pervading - The whole jagat (Universe) is pervaded by Him alone' - The Self the Pure Consciousness of the meditator (Pragnana Ghana) in front. behind in between and in all the names and forms (the Jagat) is nothing but 'Consciousness'. So everything emerged out of Lord Narayana. exist in Narayana and merge back into Narayana. Just as bangles are made out of gold, exist in gold and goes back to gold when melted. Similarly the waves and its relation-less relationship with ocean. So Lord Narayana is the womb of all creations just as from 'Consciousnesses' emerge this Jagat.

In the Narayana - Atharva - Siro Upanishad it is stated - Lord Narayana is the Prathyag-Athma, the Pure Self within and is in the nature of Pranava, 'OM ' which is represented as a symbol for the Reality.


Prathyag Anandam Brahmapurusham Pranava

Swaroopm. A-Kara U-Karo Ma-Kara Ithi

Continuing the same thought it is said.

Om Namo Narayanayethi Manthro Upasako

Vaikunda bavanam Gamishyathi

Tadidam Pundareekam Vignana Ghanam

Brahmanyo Devaki Putro Brahmanyo

Madhusoodanah Brahmanyah Pundarikaksho

Brahmanyo Vishnur Uchyathea.

He who meditates on this sacred mantra reaches Vaikundha, meaning the state of Pure Consciousness which is the Light of Consciousness, the Lord Narayana within. This Light of Consciousness illumines everything. It is also Lord Krishna, son of Devaki, Madhusoodhana, Achutha, Pundarikaksha all deities worshipped by a Baktha in his Sa-guno-upasana.

Thus with the blessings and grace of Lord Narayana, the unmanifest and his Guru, the manifested form of the Lord by virtue of his Devotion and added to it his own self-effort, a disciple shall reach the state of Kaivalya says the Sruthi. .

May we all be the recipients of their blessings!

Story first published: Monday, August 2, 2010, 15:56 [IST]
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