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Thirukural-On Right Forethought-Kural-462

Terinta inattotu terntennic ceyvarkku

Arumporul yatonrum il.

For the prince going into action after worthy counseling and due consideration,

No objective is beyond achievement.

According to V V S Iyer, when the prince undertakes an enterprise, only after systematic consultation with men of chosen worth, and after his own personal deliberations and decision, nothing is impossible.

The expression"(Terntenni) means carefully considered and has been differently interpreted by V V S Iyer and K Srinivasan. The former applies it to the king"s considered selection of counselors. But the latter would apply it to his own personal thought and decision.

K Srinivasan"s view is based on management principles. As a student of Management myself, I would agree that the king should consider deeply and dispassionately all the advice that he has received from his worthy counsellors. There may not always be an easy consensus. Hence the right forethought in life is portrayed here as well.

Under these circumstances, therefore, the king should himself consider the various possible lines of action based on the advice that he has received from his wise counselors, in the light of the three elements of loss, acquisition and value, referred to in the previous kural, and come to his own personal decision.

To a king, who does this systematically, no objective should be beyond reach.

Rajaji would agree that for a prince, who launches his undertakings on a well-considered decision, made after deliberations with a body of tried counsellors, there will be no impediment in the achievement of his objectives. Hence Rajaji also cleary stresses on the right forethought in life.

Right Forethought

Thiruvalluvar emphasises the need for right forethought which brings in success. While it is imperative for everybody to exercise the right forethought, it is very important for a Prince or a King, for that matter any administrator to go by forethought. This Kural reveals that success will ensue when the right forethought is exercised.

Story first published: Wednesday, September 15, 2010, 16:34 [IST]