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Thirukural-On Choice Of Right Place(Arena)-Kural-493
Aatraarum aatri aduba-idan arindhuPoatraar kan poatriceyinEven with a weaker force you will still prevail against a stronger armyIf you choose the right place ad operate with care.This translation is based on Rajaji’s elaborate interpretation. He says that you may be ...

Thirukural-On Choice Of Right Place(Arena)-Kural-492
Muransaerndha moym pinavarkkum aransaerndhamAakkam palavum tharumEven if your force is of diverse nature, motivated and strong,Defensive fortifications do give added strength.May be in its organization and equipment, your force is widely different, well organized and stronger. May be, it is ...
Thirukural-On Choice Of Right Place(Arena)-Kural-491
Thodangarka evvinaiyum ellarka mutrumIdankanda pinal ladhuIt is unwise to start on an operation without deciding on a suitable arena for it,It will further be foolish to under-estimate the enemy.The essence of this Kural, however, is best rendered in the free translation ...
Thirukural-On Choice Of Right Time-Kural-490
Kokkuokka koompum paruvaththu matrathanKuthuoakka seertha idaththu.Bide your time in the manner of the stork waiting for its suitable prey,But when the prey is spotted, act with swift and sure aimThis translation, to some extent, follows Rajaji’s In kurals 487 and 488, ...
Thirukural-On Choice Of Right Time-Kural-489
Eaitharku ariyadu iyaindhakkaal annilaiyaeSeytharku ariya seyal.Opportunity occurs but rarely; but when it does,It is the right time to attempt even the impossible.There is a piece of pragmatic wisdom, recorded by Valluvar in this Kural, for if, as Shakespeare says, this opportunity ...
Thirukural-On Choice Of Right Time-Kural-488
Cerunaraik kaanin sumakka iruvaraiKaanin kilakkaam thalaiBe courteous and even obsequious before your enemy,When the time comes, he will bow before you.V V S Iyer interprets this quite elaborately when he says:“Bend down before thy adversary when they are more powerful than ...
Thirukural-On Choice Of Right Time-Kural-487
Pollena aangae puramvaeraar kaalampaarthuUl vaerppar olliyavar.Even where injustice provokes the wise, they do not anger immediately,They smoulder inwardly but bide their time.Wise men do not get provoked into immediate action, even when they feel that grave injustice is being done to ...
Thirukural-On Choice Of Right Time-Kural-486
Uookam udaiyaan odukkam poruthakarThaakkarkup perunth thakaithuRajaji’s translation is bodily adopted here:The restraint of the energetic leader is like the rearward steps,The fighting ram always takes before charging.The ram steps back quietly in order to gain the required momentum for its stunning ...
Thirukural-On Choice Of Right Time-Kural-485
Kalam karudhi iruppaar kalankaadhuNyalam karudhu pavar.The king, who aspires to conquer the whole world,Will wait calmly for the right hour to strike.The king, who has immense territorial ambitions, will not be impatient, and will not be tempted to enter into the ...
Thirukural-On Choice Of Right Time-Kural 484
Nyalam karuthinun kaikudum kaalamKarudhi idathaar ceyinA man, aspiring to conquer the whole world too, will succeedIf he chooses the right time and place for action.Even ambitions of World conquest will be possible of achievement, for a person who starts on his ...
Thirukural-On Choice Of Right Time-Kural 483
Aruvinai enba ulavo karuviyanKalam arindhu ceyinNothing is impossible if an enterprise is started,With right means at the appropriate timeRajaji has converted this Kural into an effective interrogation as follows:“Is there anything impossible if the right means are adopted and the right ...
Thirukural-On Choice Of Right Time-Kural 482
Paruvathoadu otta olukal thiruvinaithThiraamai aarkkum kayiru.Tying up operational details to the season’s variations is the rope,Which binds the king inseparably to prosperity.The ability of a prince or a leader to adapt his plans for the proposed enterprise to the requirements of ...
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