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Thirukural-(Risk)Assessment of Relative Strength-Kural 479

Alavarindhu vaalaadhaan valkkai ulapoala

Illaakith thonraak kedum

The apparent prosperity of a man, living beyond his means,

Would soon disappear without a trace.

A thoughtless king who has not got a measure of his own wealth and sources of revenue, if he indulges in limitless expenditure and thoughtless generosity, seemingly, may live a good and prosperous life, but in no time he will become an insolvent.

We have in our own life-time, seen so many persons going this way. The poet"s warning is a sound one, which will apply equally to rulers as to individuals. If an individual does this, after doing his duty towards the members of his family, no serious harm will be done. He will be praised in a funeral oration. But such a practice will be unwise and imprudent for a king, who should keep the interests of his State and its people at heart, and not merely his good name as a generous patron.

Assessment of Relative strength

Thiruvalluvar in (risk) assessment of relative strength of Thirukkural emphasises on assessment from different angles.


Thirukural is an ethical treatise belonging to Tamil classical literature, written by Thiruvalluvar. In Kural 479, Valluvar advises the importance of living within one's means. Ramanandha Adigalar Foundation with the English translation of Thirukural has made it available for a larger reading mass.

Story first published: Thursday, October 21, 2010, 15:15 [IST]
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