Solving Problems-Self Enquiry, The Solution To All Problems

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Self Enquiry
In the series of articles relating to solving problems, it has been analysed about 'What is a problem?,' 'Where is the problem,' 'Where is happiness?' and 'For whom is the problem?' The final step in the 'solving problems' series lies the solution to problems

Self enquiry, an unfailing tool, serves as a radical solution to all problems. It is simply because that it is an investigation into one's own self rather than the problem, the result of which brings about the solution.

Self Enquiry

Solving problems with Self enquiry of Ramana Maharshi diverts the attention of the individual from the object (problem) to the subject (self). Who is the one who is having a problem? The answer invariably is 'I' or the I consciousness.

The I consciousness is nothing but the feeling of self consciousness, the feeling of one's being. It is nothing but one's own existence or 'I am'

The I am consciousness surpasses the body and the mind. If I am the body, the sense of 'I am-ness' does not change even when the body undergoes changes in terms of illness, age, growth etc. If one is the mind, in deep sleep the mind is absent, yet when one awakes up one is aware that he/she slept soundly. So there was an awareness which, had witnessed it. These are two simple pointers amongst many others which, point out to this truth.

So when one is not the body and the mind, one is just the existence.

Solution to all possible problems

One being the existence, can one's own being or existence be a problem? Or with one's attention being shifted to just existence without the body mind ad-dons, can the body alone which is inert bring about a problem?

The problems lies between one's existence or 'I am' consciousness and the body. It is a knot which, links both. It is the 'I' thought, or 'I am' the body idea.

When the focus of the 'I' thought is on the body or say I am Tom, Ram, or Geeta there is no escape from problems. If the focus of the 'I' thought is on the mere being-ness or one's existence without the body mind idea, then there is no way for problems to arise.

If one identifies one as Tom, Ram or Geetha, one is bound to success and failure. Success also brings in problems because one will have to work more in order to maintain it or better it even further.

Since we have identified ourselves as the body, a shift of focus from it to one's existence will have to be practised to find solutions to problems

So each time a thought arises, we ask 'Who am I' and divert the attention to one's existence or being-ness. It is one of the powerful techniques in problem solving.

So whenever a problem arises, as per enquiry, instead of thinking, 'I can solve the problem,' or 'I cannot solve the problem,' one ought to ask, 'For whom is the problem?'

Every problem has a solution with time as they are bound to get solved. This method helps one to be unperturbed in the face of problems, or regain one's stature or inner poise soon.

Usually when a disturbing thought of a problem arises, we either replace it with a positive thought, ignore the thought or keep thinking about the thought (worry). Instead of all these one will have to enquire as to for whom is the thought.

This investigation into the self has nothing to do with affirmation or negation. It is just an open question which, resolves oneself into the vibrant, undisturbed silence of just being, to live in freedom.

Story first published: Thursday, July 21, 2011, 18:25 [IST]
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