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Face Fears !

By Priya Devi

Paramahamsa Nithyananda talks about facing fear and fearless living.

A person whom we call courageous is not one without fear, but one who has learnt to face fear without fear. Fear is the fight between faith and belief in oneself on one hand, versus the negative idea or expectation you have about your future on the other hand.

You are literally fighting with your own positive and negative energies.

On a dark night, a man was walking on a narrow path. Suddenly , his foot hit a rock and he stumbled and slipped down. He managed to catch hold of a branch hanging over the rock. The man tightly held onto the branch. He shouted for help but the only response was his voice echoing back. Hearing the echo, the man was terrified that he might be at the mouth of a huge abyss.

The night seemed endless and the man was desperately holding on, hoping he could get some help. Finally dawn arrived . The man looked down to see how deep the abyss was, but there was no abyss, just two feet down was a big rock!

Your fears are exactly like this, you think it is an abyss but it is actually just a few feet. If you can face your fears, you see they have no depth. Because you magnify the fears, you imagine them to be an abyss. It is your choice — to let go of the branch and the fear, or to keep clinging onto it and torturing yourself. Every time you feel fear, do not disrespect yourself . Don"t lose confidence or condemn yourself thinking, 'What kind of a being am I?"

The fears that you have about your life, be it fear of failure, fear of losing your near and dear ones, fear of losing your wealth, fear of the unknown and every fear can be used as a door to enlightenment . If you understand the true nature of fear, it can be considered a blessing. If you are courageous enough to face the fear, it can lead you to liberation. Sometimes , just by switching your attention to something else, you can come out of fear. But that is not fearlessness.

Fearlessness (fearless living) means taking a quantum jump into the consciousness where you will never experience fear of losing anything ! Fearlessness (Fearless living) does not mean non-existence of fear. It means the fear is there, but you have tremendous energy or courage to live with it (face fear). Fearlessness (fearless living) in living means having the energy or the courage to live even with the maximum fear you face. It is going beyond that fear and being neither attached to nor detached from the fear. Be Blissful!

About the author

Paramahamsa Nithyananda the founder of Dhyanapeetam urges one to face fears and engage in fearless living which can eventually bring about spiritual enlightenment.
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Story first published: Thursday, September 16, 2010, 18:26 [IST]