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    Shri Sai Sat Charitra-Chapter XXV - Part III

    By Staff
    Shri Sai Sat Charitra
    We have already seen how Baba disapproved of Anna's efforts to get into cotton speculation and how He disapproved Anna's efforts in trying to make Baba a partner in that. Now let us see how He protected His devotee from other losses too. Sai Ram.


    Then he thought of trading in grain, rice, wheat and other groceries. Baba read also this thought and said to him, "You will be buying at five seers and selling at seven seers a rupee". So this business was also given up. The rise in the prices of grains was kept up for some time, and Baba's prophecy seemed to be falsified, but in a month or two there was abundant rain everywhere and the prices suddenly fell down; and, therefore, those who stored grains suffered a severe loss.

    Damu Anna was saved from this fate. Needless to say that the cotton speculation which was conducted by the broker with the help of another merchant also collapsed with a severe loss to the adventurers. After seeing that Baba had saved him from two severe losses in cotton and grain speculations, Damu Anna's faith in Baba grew strong and he remained a true devotee of Baba till His passing away and even now (when the Sri Sai Satcharitra was being written by Shri Hemadpant, Damu Anna was still alive and was a staunch devotee of Sai Baba Swamy).

    Sai Ram. For faith to become strong and to stay strong, some miracles etc. like the above are needed. Baba was aware of that and encouraged the faith to develop by helping the devotee on the spiritual path. Sai Ram.

    Amra Leela (Mango Miracle)

    Once a parcel of about 300 good mangoes was received at Shirdi. It was sent from Goa by one Mamlatdar named Rale to Sai Baba in the name of Shama. When it was opened, all the mangoes were found to be in a good condition. They were given in Shama's charge and only four were retained and placed in the kolamba (pot) by Baba. He said that, "These four fruits are for Damu Anna, let them lie there".

    Sai Ram. Sai was indicating that He is the giver of the 4 purushardhas (purpose of taking human birth, viz. dharma, ardha (money), kama (desire) and moksha (liberation)) by keeping those 4 mangoes aside for Damu Anna. Sai Ram.

    This Damu Anna had three wives. According to his statement mentioned above, he had not three but two wives only.

    Sai Ram. Such minor variations in details are not important.

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