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Shri Sai Satcharitra-Chapter 39-Part IV

Continued From The Third Part

Shirdi Saibaba further enlightened Nana Saheb Chandorkar with His profound spiritual explanation.

The following are the instances of Ajnana :-

1 - I am a Jiva (creature)

2 - Body is the soul (I am the body).

3 - God, world and Jiva are different.

4 - I am not God.

5 - Not knowing, that body is not the soul.

6 - Not knowing that God, world and Jiva are one.

Unless these errors are exposed to his view, the disciple cannot learn what is God, jiva, world, body; how they are inter-related and whether they are different from each other, or are one and the same. To teach him these and destroy his ignorance is this instruction in Jnana or Ajnana. Why should Jnana be imparted to the jiva, (who is) a Jnanamurti? Upadesh is merely to show him his error and destroy his ignorance.

Baba added :- (1) Pranipata implies surrender. (2) Surrender must be of body, mind and wealth; Re: (3) Why should Krishna refer Arjuna to other Jnanis? "Sadbhakta takes every thing to be Vasudev (B.G.VII-19 i.e., any Guru will be Krishna to the devotee) and Guru takes disciple to be Vasudev and Krishna treats both as his Prana and Atma (B.G.7-18, commentary of Jnanadev on this). As Shri Krishna knows that there are such Bhaktas and Gurus, He refers Arjuna to them so that their greatness may increase and be known.

Sai Ram. What a great lesson in self knowledge? We bow in reverence to Nara-Narayan for that wonderful drama and helping other sadhakas like us on the path! Many people talk of Sadgurus and how one should be cautious in selecting one's guru etc. In other places, Baba advises us how to recognise a Sadguru and having found one, we are, through the above and a few more examples told the importance of surrender. In fact, if the disciple surrenders with full faith, the real Guru takes over even the pseudo Guru and blesses the disciple, as demonstrated by the story of pseudo guru Jawahar Ali. Sai Ram.

To be continued

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S.V. Swamy

Swarna.Venkateswara Swamy, (also known as Venkateswara Swamy Swarna, S.V.Swamy or simply Swamy) is a physicist and a metallurgist by education. He considers Sai Baba of Shirdi as his Sadguru but respects all Gurus. He is an avid reader, a book reviewer and an editor. He has an abiding interest in holistic health systems..

Story first published: Thursday, March 25, 2010, 10:33 [IST]
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