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Why Marriages Are Not Held During Dhanurmasam Month

As Sun transits through Dhanur Rashi, it comes to be known as Dhanur Maasa and it is going to be observed from 16 December 2022 to 14 January 2023. It is believed that Devas perform special pujas to Lord Vishnu during Brahma muhurta, one and a half hours before sunrise. The month of Dhanurmas is considered a very special month for performing Vishnu puja.

Dhanurmasa is the darkest month of the year. While it is believed that Shravan is the month of content, Dhanurmasa is the month of, boredom, and negativity. Hence it has to be reoriented to positive spiritual vibrations and rid human beings of listlessness and stress. So, this month carries with it, a plethora of religious instructions to follow, and spiritual guidance through scriptures which is the reason why, in this month, auspicious beginnings like marriage etc are not celebrated. This is done with the intent to engage the mind in one direction and not let it fritter out its energies in various directions. Worship of God requires total focus and faith on your part.

Why Marriages Are Not Held During Dhanurmasam Month

This month is also known usually for accidents, misunderstandings and confrontations occurring between people. It is also referred to as Shunya masa as there is a discernibly low energy level seen in human beings. When the mind is not equipped to take major decisions, due to a lack of energy and inertia, no new projects are started. If we think slightly backward in time.

We know how Bhishma pita maha in Mahabharata postponed his death and waited till the Shunya masa was over. Vishnu Sahasranama was taught to him at this very juncture. Usually, people wake up before sunrise to their sadhana. One must observe silence as far as possible to keep off the negativity during this month. "Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya" is a much-recommended mantra to be chanted. Sadhana during Dhanurmasa brings siddhi (complete enlightenment).

Dhanurmasa is also reminiscent of certain occurrences that happened in the past. Some legends say that it was the birthday of Lord Shiva. Before beginning the creation activity, Lord Shiva is believed to have summoned all nine powers into him. This was the day Lord Shiva returned back to the worldly lifestyle after the harsh Tapasya due to the demise of Sati came to an end.

Some legends note that Goddess Parvati won the heart of Lord Shiva after her extended penance and married Lord Shiva on this day. According to some more legends, Kamadeva was reborn after losing his form to the flames emitted from the third eye of Lord Shiva. As per Narada's advice, in another legendary story, it is said that Rukmini followed a fast with prayer after Goddess Parvathi, in order to marry Lord Krishna.

Despite all this, this period is treated as inauspicious for any dharmic activities. Vishnu should be worshipped and his Sahasranama chanted in the wee hours of the morning in this month, as per scriptures.

The Margashira month which falls in December-January is inspired by the star Mrigasirsha which comes immediately after Pournami or Purnima day. It is also called Dhanur masa as Sun transits through Dhanur Rashi during this month. Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita indicates that Margashirsha Masa is the best of all months. Temples especially conduct Brahma muhurta worship.

Spirituality and wedding are two subjects that are poles apart in terms of intention and rituals. So, during a spiritual month, weddings and other auspicious events should not be conducted as the month is meant for austerities and not worldly events. For marriages, the other auspicious months of Bhadrapadam, Aswiyuja and Karthika, are earmarked already as per shastras with Aswiyuja and Karthika being more favourable.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 7, 2022, 13:30 [IST]
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