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Vivah Panchami 2022: Lord Ram And Sita Vivah Katha

Vivah Panchami is going to be celebrated on this 28 November 2022 as the anniversary of the marriage of Shri Ram and Goddess Sita in India and across the globe. It is also believed that Saint Goswami Tulsidas completed the composition of Ramcharitmanas on this day.

Hence due to both reasons, grand celebrations are arranged and special worship and rituals are conducted to mark this day. It is on this day that Lord Ram married Sita. Read on to know about the Lord Ram and Sita Vivah katha.

Vivah Panchami 2022: Lord Ram And Sita Vivah Katha

Once, Lord Vishnu was heeding the pleas of the Devas who were tortured by the King of Lanka, Ravana. Listening to the plight of the devas, he agreed to save everyone from the menace and descended on earth in the avatar of Lord Ram. Legend has it that he was born as the result of the Putrakameshti Yaga performed by King Dasharath, the emperor of Bharatvarsh, as he was childless.

In the meanwhile, the kingdom of Janaka, the ruler of Nepal, faced severe drought and famine and was advised by Rishis to conduct a yagnya. When King Janaka himself ploughed the earth, he found a baby girl whom he ardently picked up, felt great paternal love towards her and aptly named her Sita, which in Sanskrit is understood as 'Plough'. She is believed to be an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi who was here on earth to accompany Lord Vishnu (incarnated as Lord Rama).

King Janaka raised her with all love and care and she blossomed into a beautiful maiden with an exquisite personality. Once, King Janaka had received a Shiva Dhanush from Lord Shiva in response to the king's devotion towards him. This bow was impossible to even pick up from the ground, let alone string and aim it.

However, the young Sita, while playing with a ball, playfully threw it at the Shiv Dhanush of her father. In order to pick up the ball from underneath the Shiv Dhanush, she bent, picked up the bow with her left hand, and got the ball back, that was stuck underneath the bow. Watching this, the dazed king decided that he would marry Sita to only a deserving groom who is capable of not only lifting it, but also able to string and aim it.

Sita, oblivious of all this, grew up to be of marriageable age. At this time, King Janak decided that a swayam var would get him the deserving groom, for his daughter and it was arranged with due pomp and glory. The day of the swayamvar approached and emperors from all over were invited to be a part of it. Kings and princess started testing their luck one by one and failed to even nudge it with all their might looking at which, King Janak was disappointed. Just at the time when all the kings had given up and were about to retreat back to their kingdoms, Guru Vishwamitra arrived there, with Rama and Lakshmana, following behind him. He had just taken the help of Lord Rama and Lakshmana in killing so many Asuras in the forest that had been an impediment to his tapasya.

Lord Rama was asked to lift the bow and string it by Sage Vishwamitra to which Lord Rama agreed, and approached the bow. Within the wink of an eyelid, before every one could even finish gauging him, he had lifted the bow with ease and elan, and tried to string it, at which time, the bow broke with an ear piercing noise and fell onto the ground. Looking at all this, Goddess Sita walked up to Rama with a gentle gait, and placed the garland in Rama's neck.

It was a Panchami day, and hence this day came to be known as VIvah Panchami which is actually celebrated as a festival even today and this year, it is on the 28 November on the day of Margashirsha Shukla Panchami. By reading, listening and reciting this story three times on the day of Vivah Panchami, one is assured of everlasting happiness in married life. Vivah Panchami festival is specially celebrated in Ayodhya of Nepal and India. Even today people celebrate this festival with complete rituals.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 23, 2022, 16:30 [IST]
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