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Skanda Shashti Vratam 2023: Date, Rituals, Diet And Fasting Method To Follow

Lord Murugan, is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, and the younger brother of Lord Ganesha. For Tamilians, he is the chief deity whose puja and festivals are carried out with religious fervour and pomp every year, Shashti Vratam is a vratam dedicated to Lord Murugan in which devout folk fast for 6 days at a stretch to receive complete blessings of Lord Murugan. Childless couples are blessed with a baby and those with kids, will be enjoy happiness due to kids. Skanda Shashti coming in the month of November is supposed to be most significant festival for Tamilians.

Skanda Shashti Vratam 2023: Date

Skanda Shashti is celebrated on Magha Shukla Shashti tithi of 26 January 2023 this year.
Shashti Vratam is a day mainly meant for fasting. This is a very significant day for the devotees of Muruga. Shashti tithi is a spiritually significant day that bestows one all the wants and desires if the vratam is followed strictly as per rules. If you fast on that day, sing sankeertans, and stay in remembrance of Lord Muruga. It is sure to get your desires fulfilled.

Skanda Shashti Vratam 2023: Rituals

1. On the very first day, devotees have to wake up in Brahmi muhurta that is between 4-6 am, take a holy bath, and worship Lord Muruga at home, observe fast and chant the "Kandha Sashti Kavacham" after which they offer prayers along with flowers, Kumkum and dhoopas.
2. Fasting starts on the first day with prayers to the Sun God and ends the next day morning with a prayer to him again. Those busy with schools and offices, can just do the puja at home.
3. We should follow the diet restrictions prescribed for the vratam,
4. One should hear or read the story or chant the Skanda Shasti Kavasam.
5. Lord Skanda's stories are read out and devotees listen to the entire session. One more activity that devotees do is to chant Kanta Shasti Kavasam. Aim of Vratam of fasting is to imbibe sattvic vibrations and it is to reach the brahman,

Skanda Shashti Vratam 2023: Diet

In Kerala Muruga temples, devotees receive a single meal of rice without any side dish during the vratam period. Region to region the vratam is conducted in a different way.

Skanda Shashti 2023: Fasting Method

Although the vratam methods vary from place to place, some common rules are followed judiciously.
1. Non-vegetarian food, garlic and onions are completely avoided during the period.
2. People on fasting, listen to vratam katha of the Lord, or recite the Kandhar Shashti or the Subramanya Bhujangam Stotra. They also visit temples.
3. Fasting is done strictly for an entire day, till the next day morning. On all these six days, devotees have to subsist only on fruits, coconut water, and juice alone Fasting begins with sunrise and ends the next morning. They can also opt to take a single meal for the entire day if the fasting in the above-mentioned method is not possible. Some have a midday meal whereas others consume at night. Some more devotees who focus more on the toxin removing properties of fasting, restrict themselves to water, coconut water and other fruit juices. The fasting ends on the Sixth day.
4. During the fasting one must not consume outside food as you have to cook your own food for the fasting to be really successful.
5. Fasting should be done with total willingness. If you are on medications, then do not do strict fasting and follow the doctor's instructions.

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Story first published: Sunday, January 22, 2023, 21:17 [IST]
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