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Raksha Bandhan 2022: Mythological Stories Behind Rakhi Festival

Tying the sacred thread cements the bond of fraternity for eternity. It is a bond that gets strengthened by emotions, and thrives on it, till death does them apart. The sister ties her bond of sisterly love on the wrist of her brother wishing at the same time, good tidings to follow him for his entire lifetime. In turn, brother, being older than her, (in most cases, that is) reciprocates this by blessing his sister, and thereafter he carries the burden of affection and gratitude on his shoulders.

It is a promise, that is unsaid, that is so full of concern, and care, done with deep veneration to the support system of family, even in a technology-driven era. Rakhi rituals are also changing with time. Brothers too tie rakhi to sisters. There used to be stories, about the undying spirit and celebration of Raksha Bandhan in ancient times. Read these stories at leisure to rekindle your fraternal sentiments towards your brother, if you have any or someone who fits this bill.

Mythological Stories Associated With Rakhi

1. Indrani And Her Husband Indra

As per the records of Hindu Mythology, the first ever Rakhi was tied to the husband and not to the brother. Indra's wife Shachi sought the advice and guidance of Lord Krishna during a war between Devasuras. Lord Krishna gave her a holy cotton bracelet to tie around Lord Indra's wrist to keep all evil and failure at bay. This story more than just indicates how beautifully the tender emotions of a human being can be expressed.

2. Yamuna And Her Brother Yama

Yamuna was Yama's sister who was once caught by a cloud of gloom, as she recalled the period of long silence that had estranged her from her brother 12 years back. Upon Ganga's insistence, he decided to visit Yamuna during which time, she prepared a feast for him and tied a Rakhi on his wrist. Yama, touched by his sister's genuine love, blessed her with immortality.

3. Lord Krishna And Draupadi

As per the Fable of Mahabharata, When, once Lord Krishna was flying a kite, his fingers accidentally got injured. Immediately, Draupadi, tore a portion of her saree, and used it to tie it around his finger. Lord Krishna's heart melted at this gesture and he pledged to save and protect her. He also stood by his word by protecting Draupadi during her Vastrapaharan.

4. Goddess Laxmi And Raja Bali

Bali, a staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu, sought his protection once upon a time. Lord Vishnu agreed and stayed with him for his security. Goddess Lakshmi, languishing due to separation from Lord Vishnu, went to Raja Bali disguising herself as a woman in distress. When Bali opened his doors to her, she tied a coloured cotton thread for his protection. When Bali asked her what she wanted, she just requested Raja Bali to allow her get back home with her husband. At that time, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu revealed their true identities and Bali instanly agreed to grant her wish.

5. Goddess Santoshi Ma And Ganesh's Children

During one bygone occasion, when Mansadevi was tying a Rakhi around Lord Ganesha's wrist, his sons Shubh and Labh also evinced an interest to celebrate the festival grandly and asked Lord Ganesha to give them a sister. Lord Ganesha immediately created a girl child from fire and named her Santoshi Ma.

6. Lord Krishna And King Yudhishtir

Even before the war of Kurukshetra, King Yudhistir, who was worried about his brothers safety, prayed to Lord Krishna for guidance. On the full moon day of Shravan month Lord Krishna advised him to perform a ceremony and allow a priest to tie a Rakhi around his right wrist to ensure protection for his brothers.

7. Roxana And Pururavas

During the battle of Hydaspes, Roxana sent a sisterly gesture, of Rakhi to Pururavas (Porus) requesting him to relieve her husband who was imprisoned by Porus. When Porus saw the Rakhi tied to his wrist, he refused to punish Alexander and instead released him free. He lost his battle due to that, but instantly gained Alexander's respect and hence was allowed to be the governor of his own kingdom.

8. Queen Karnavati And Emperor Humayun

When Rani Karnavati of Chittor was attacked by Bahadur Shah of Gujarat, the brave queen, who was looking for outside support, sent a Rakhi, requesting Humayun to help her out. Humayun was himself engaged in another battle. By the time he arrived to help her, it was too late. She had immolated herself on the pyre as Rajputs were defeated by the Mughal army. But Humayun kept his promise by waging a war against Bahadur Shah, defeated him, and restored the kingdom to her eldest son, Vikramjeet.

9. Maharani Jindan And Raja Of Nepal

Maharani Jindan, the wife of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, sent a Rakhi to the ruler of Nepal to ensure his support in times of need. When Sikhs were overpowered by the British in 1849, It was the Jung Bahadur of Nepal who gave her a helping hand and provided protection to her.

10. Rabindranath Tagore And Rakhi Mohotsav in Bengal

This was a gesture of protecting the unity between Hindus and Muslims during the Partition of Bengal. It was started by Rabindranath Tagore who spearheaded the Rakhi Mahotsav. He Called them to unite against the British invasion and protect each other for this purpose. Even today, people of West Bengal tie Rakhi to their neighbours and friends. It is symbolic of the universal brotherhood that exists between Muslims and Hindus even today.

Disclaimer: The information is based on assumptions and information available on the internet and the accuracy or reliability is not guaranteed. Boldsky does not confirm any inputs or information related to the article and our only purpose is to deliver information. Kindly consult the concerned expert before practising or implementing any information and assumption.

Image sources: Wikimedia Commons

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