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Janamashtami 2019: How Lord Krishna’s Stories Can Help Your Child Become A Better Person

The festival of Janmashtami is just two days away. While parents are busy adorning their kids as a little Krishna, there is something more interesting which children would love for sure and that is, listening to stories. Yes, we are talking about Lord Krishna stories which are the easiest and fun ways to teach them about Indian tradition, culture, and mythology.

Lord Krishna stories have a huge moral behind them and listening to it may impart good values in your child. Let's start with stories of Lord Krishna as a kid.

1. Krishna Stories As A Kid

  • Krishna and Demoness Putana: Krishna's maternal uncle Kansa wanted to kill him because of the prophecy in which he was warned that his sister Devaki's 8th child will bring him death. As Krishna (the 8th child) was rescued from the dungeon by his real father Vasudeva on the direction of the divine voice, Kansa felt devastated and send a demoness Putana to kill the little Krishna. She came to Krishna's village in the form of a beautiful maiden after poisoning her breast with the deadliest venom. On Yashoda's permission, she started feeding her milk to the lord. Later, she realised that it was Krishna who was actually sucking out her life. However, Krishna was saved and Putana was freed from her demonic body.
  • Krishna and the fruit seller: One day, Krishna saw that his father Nandraj has exchanged a basket of grains for a basket of sweet juicy mangoes with a fruit seller. Krishna thought that he will also receive mangoes in exchange of grains. He ran to the kitchen and in his tiny hands picked up the grains as much as he could and handed it to the fruit seller. Seeing his pure and innocent love, she filled his hands with mangoes. Later, she realised that the basket full of grains offered to her in exchange for mangoes had turned into a basket full of gold and jewellery.
  • Krishna shows universe: On one occasion, Krishna, along with his friends and elder brother Balaram went to a courtyard to collect fruits and berries. Krishna was a toddler during that time and his hands were unable to reach the trees. So he picked up some dirt and put it in his mouth. His friends saw him and complaint to her mother. When Krishna was asked to open the mouth by mother Yashoda, first he felt scared of getting a scolded but, as he opened his mouth, Yashoda saw the entire universe in his mouth consisting of galaxies, mountains, and planets.

2. Krishna Stories As An Adolescence

  • Krishna saves villagers under Govardhan Parvat: The villagers of Vrindavan used to worship Lord Indra as they believe that he will provide them will abundance of rain which will be good for their harvest. One day, a puja was organised to offer prayers to Lord Indra. When Krishna find this out, he said to the villagers that it is actually Govardhan Parvat (mountain) who is responsible for the rain as this mountain stops the rain-filled clouds and make them shed their water in the form of rain. Thus, the people of Vrindavan started worshipping Govardhan Parvat. In a rage, Lord Indra ordered for a heavy rainstorm in Vrindavan. Krishna, then, lifted the Govardhan mountain on his little finger and save the villagers. Later, Indra apologised for his arrogance.
  • Krishna and serpent Kalia: A serpent named Kalia used to reside in the banks of river Yamuna. He has many-heads and his venom was so dangerous that the whole water of Yamuna was turned black. One day, when Krishna was playing ball with his friends on the bank of Yamuna, the ball fell inside the river. Seeing this, Krishna jumped into the river though he was warned by his friends. When Kalia saw him, he attacked him but Krishna, being the supreme god, pulled him up the water and started dancing on his head with the weight of the universe. Kalia started vomiting blood and was about to die when his wives asked Krishna to forgive him and save his life upon which Krishna forgave him and warned him never to return to Vrindavan.
  • Krishna and Arishtasura: As mentioned above, Kansa wanted to kill Krishna and so he sent a demon Arishtasura to kill him. The demon, not recognising who is Krishna, turned into a bull and created havoc in the village thinking that Krishna will come automatically to save his fellow mates. Krishna arrived and warned the bull but later realised that he is actually a demon. The fight started between them but in the end, Krishna was able to swirl the bull vigorously in the air and break his horn.

3. Krishna Stories As An Adult

  • Krishna's and Narada Plan: One day Krishna with the help of sage Narada decided to test the love of his devotees/Gopis. He told Narada to tell everyone that he has a headache and will be fine only when his true devotees will apply dust on Krishna's head collected from their feet. When Narada explained the situation to Krishna's wives, they all disagree saying that it would be disrespectful for them as Krishna is their husband. On the other hand, when Narada said the same to Gopis, without any second thought, they collected the mud and give it to Narada. Seeing this, Krishna was overwhelmed and Narada realised that the devotion of Gopis towards Krishna is beyond explanation.
  • Krishna taught Lord Brahma a lesson: One day Lord Brahma thought of testing Krishna to find out if he really is the Universal lord or not. In order to test so, he kidnapped every child and calf of his village Vrindavan thinking that Krishna will, for sure, show his divine power to rescue them. Meanwhile, Krishna understood Brahma's plan and so, he multiplied himself in the form of those missing children and calves. Together, they went to the village and the villagers didn't even realise the actual truth. Life continued and villagers were inturn happy by receiving their child's increased love, which was actually from Krishna. Later, Brahma realised his mistake and released all the kidnapped kids and cattle.
  • Krishna kills Kansa: Since Krishna's childhood, Kansa has been sending demons to kill him but was unsuccessful in every attempt. One day, he sent his minister Akrura to escort Krishna and Balaram to Mathura for a ceremony. Little did he know that Akrura was a great devotee of Lord Krishna. On the way, Akrura warned Krishna of Kansa's demonic intention. When they arrived, Kansa challenged both of them to fight with his most powerful wrestlers, thinking of defeating and killing Krishna on the process. Krishna and Balaram won and out of temper, Kansa ordered to kill Vasudeva and Ugrasena. Krishna then jumped to Kansa, dragged him by the hair and thrown him in the wrestling ring. He then killed him and later, united with his biological parents Devaki and Vasudev in Mathura.
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