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Ashada Masam 2022: Dates, Time, Beliefs, Rituals, Significance And Celebrations

With Aashadha, the third month, in a series of the year, (in the Hindu Calendar), begins the rainy season and a plethora of activities, related to it. This is a mysterious month shrouded in negativities and superstitious beliefs that make it difficult to celebrate any auspicious occasion.

It is also termed Shoonya masa, or the null month, which impacts any new beginnings adversely and does not let us start anything new. Let us know more about the benefits and disadvantages of Aashada masam in detail.

Aashadha Masam 2022: Date and Time

This year in Karnataka, Ashaadha Masam will be observed from 30 June to 28 July.

Aashadha Masam 2022: Traditional Beliefs

The rainy season brings along with it, a host of skin diseases and allergies. To avoid this, girls wear Mehendi during Monsoons, for its cooling and antiseptic properties.Chaitra is the hottest month of the year, and hence forewarns several health complications arising due to heat. This will naturally affect the new mother and baby. Since the medical facilities were unheard of during those times, elders saw to it that the daughter-in-law was separated from the son with a view to avoiding risks of conception.

Another belief that is associated with Ashadha is that mother-in-law and daughter-in-law must not stay under one roof. This may be alright in the context of the adage "overfamiliarity breeds contempt". The separation gives them time, to introspect on their behaviour and think along the lines of improving the situation and developing understanding and empathy.

Aashadha Masam2022: Puja Rituals

Perform the Amavasya Vratham and take a holy dip in a river. Worship a Peepal tree, and light earthen diyas while reciting the mantra to the peepal tree. This supposedly rids one of all possible troubles. Offer your heartfelt prayers to ancestors and food to the hungry and needy. Shiva puja, Peepal puja, Shani Shanti puja, and puja of Bajrang Bali must be performed after this.

In certain specific cases, the pujas to the Goddesses are conducted under the guru's guidance.

Ashaadha Masam 2022: Significance

Usually, auspicious beginnings like housewarming, sacred thread ceremony, and marriage to name a few, are not undertaken in Ashadha month most probably due to the onset of rains.

Ashada month is when the Dakshinayana phase begins with the worship of Saptamatruka devis, Bhairava, and Narasimha. Hindu scriptures opine that Aashaadha has an immensely beneficial side to it, as it is the month when people take holy dips in rivers and take steps to begin spiritual sadhana. This is the time to offer Tarpan and light the diyas to appease the dead ancestors. Ashadha Amavasya vrat is done especially with this intention. The outcome of performing tarpan in these months is believed to be huge.

Ashadha Amavasya 2022: Celebrations

The entire house is cleaned of all dirt and impurities along with the diyas. Puja is done to the Ishtadevata. Deepa Puja is primarily addressed to the five primordial elements- air, water, sky, fire and earth. A chowki is cleaned and painted with various hues of rangoli. All the diyas are arranged in order on the chowki and lit up to perform the puja.

It is customary to light the same diyas that were used for the Aashaadha Amavasya night puja, on the day of Deepavali so that any trace of negative energy visiting your house is immediately driven out to let in the light of positivity and cheer.

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Image sources: Wikimedia Commons

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