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Do This On A Thursday To Remove All Problems

By Ishi

If things are not going on well in life, if a number of problems are coming across, absolutely there's no need to worry. We have brought to you a few tips that will help you bring all your problems to an end. It is said that nothing is impossible if the almighty is there with you. Under his blessings, even the most difficult problem vanishes.

It was his eternal love alone, because of which Prahlada was saved from fire; his eternal love which saved Meera from the poison. These are just a few examples, there are many more such instances which highlight on how the Supreme Power has always helped his devotees.

Such stories become an inspiration when man loses hope. Whether you are tired, or have met losses, or there are clouds of doubt around, God is there to show you the silver lining. He has the power to change anything and everything. Have faith in God and worship him with all the devotion, keep working on your goals, and you will see things getting better soon.

The most auspicious day to worship him is a Thursday. It is believed that Lord Vishnu blesses his devotees fulfilling all their desires. He is the protector, and the nurturer. Mentioned below are a few things, which will remove most of the problems arising in your life. Take a look.

Grah Doshas

Worshipping Lord Vishnu on a Thursday is believed to bring good luck, health and wealth. Many a time, the reason behind various problems is Grah Dosha (the problem associated with positioning of the stars, as mentioned in the birth chart). Worshipping Lord Vishnu on a Thursday is believed to remove Grah Doshas.

Wake Up During The Brahma Muhurta

Shastras mention that the best time to wake up is before sunrise. The period after the night and before the sunrise is known as the the Brahma Muhurta. It is the most auspicious time of the day, as the environment is filled with positive energies.

This positive energy is associated with Godliness and is known as the Satvika energy. It brings in divinity and defeats all kinds of negativities. It gives spiritual strength to a person empowered by which he takes right decisions leading to right actions; right actions lead to happiness.

It is considered the most auspicious time to connect with God. So, the first thing you have to do is get up early during the Brahma Muhurta.

Offer Prayers To Lord Vishnu

Next, light a lamp in ghee, before the idol of Lord Vishnu. He, the nurturer, is always ready to listen to all your prayers, for he is the father, the Supreme soul. Offer the prayers to Lord Vishnu and you can recite Vishnu Sahastranaam Path. After offering the prayers, you must wear a Saffron 'tilak', or even a turmeric 'tilak', if saffron is not available.

Respect The Elders

It is said that wearing yellow clothes on a Thursday is very auspicious. You can offer yellow-coloured dresses to your elders, parents, or even teachers. Thursday is known as Guruvaar in Hindi. Guru means teacher, one must respect parents and teachers on this day.

Touching the feet of the elders, one must seek the blessings of teachers and elders. It is said that when somebody elder to us raises his/her hand to give the blessings, it radiates certain energy, which gives strength to us. That is why, it is advised to touch the feet of the elders, not only on a Thursday, but every day.

Abstain From Giving Money On A Thursday

There is a belief that when a person gives away money on a Thursday, it weakens the planet Guru/Brihaspati. A weak Guru leads to shortage of money to a person. Hence, people are advised not to give money to anybody on a Thursday.

Offer Prayers Under A Banana Tree

Worship of Lord Vishnu is done under a Banana tree as well on this day. The devotee must offer yellow food (without salt) made with gram flour, to Brihaspati Dev or Lord Vishnu on a Thursday. You can offer sweets. Distribute the sweets among the devotees.

You Can Observe A Fast As Well

Many people observe a fast as well, in order to please Lord Vishnu. The observer of the fast has to abstain from eating salt. Donating items of use among the poor is another way which brings the devotees close to Lord Vishnu.

This was a simple way to worship Lord Vishnu, the nurturer of the universe and the protector of the Earth. Many other such ways have been prescribed for the worship of the different deities. Whichever be the method, it is the devotion which matters the most and that alone is sufficient many a time.

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