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A brave warrior and a deep devotee of Shri Ram, Lord Hanuman is known to bless his devotees with good health. It is believed that worshipping him can provide you with a quick recovery from all kinds of health problems. Along with this, Lord Hanuman helps his devotees in getting moral and physical strength. He is also worshiped by people if they want a child as a blessing.

Twenty one fasts can be observed and then is done the udyapan. The procedure can be repeated if the devotee wishes to. To gain his blessings, the devotees observe a fast on Tuesday and worship him with all the devotion. The procedure for Tuesday fast is given below.

Tuesday Fast

Vrat Katha

Once there lived a couple. They were not happy as they had no issue. Upon consulting the doctors they came to know that the man had some problems in his reproductive system. This news brought gloom and despair in their lives. The man started spending his days in utmost sadness. The wife on the other hand was an optimistic person, as she used to worship Lord Hanuman. She had complete faith that very soon her dear God would grant them their blessing.

Seeing her husband's gloomy face, she decided that she would observe Tuesday fasts. Just from the next Tuesday she began fasting for Lord Hanuman. She vowed to keep 21 fasts. Once she forgot to offer the Bhog to Lord Hanuman, upon realizing which, she fasted continuously for one week.

Appeased by her devotion, Lord Hanuman appeared before her and asked her the wish for which she had been observing such strict fasts. The lady expressed her and her husband's desire to the Lord who already knew everything. Lord Hanuman, hearing her wish, granted that to her and disappeared.

When her husband came to know about this, he doubted her chastity, and believed that she had been hiding the truth in the name of God's blessing. He thought the baby that was going to born to her was that of some other man.

After nine months she gave birth to a boy; however, her husband kept suspecting her. When one day his suspiciousness went out of control, he tried killing the child by drowning him in the well, where they had gone to fetch water. The lady did not know much about it. All that she knew was that the boy had gone with her father to fetch water.

When the man returned home, his wife asked him about the child; he at once became speechless. Before he could speak, a child from outside came shouting with joy: ''Maa, I am here!, Maa, I am here!"

Hearing this while the lady was happy, the man wondered how the child could come out whom he had himself drowned in the well.

That night, Lord Hanuman appeared in his dream and told him that the child was really a blessing given by him and that he should stop suspecting his wife. This ended the doubt that the lady was subjected to and brought happiness in the family forever.

This is how Lord Hanuman is. He blesses the devotees by not only granting them their wishes but also ending all other problems in their lives.

Vrat Vidhi

The devotee should get up early and take bath during the Brahma Muhurt itself, which is the most sacred time to do so. After this he should offer puja to the deity. The puja must be concluded with the Arti. Distribution of Prasad follows after that.

Prasad can be any sweet dish made with wheat flour and jaggery. In the evening after the prayers, the devotee should offer puja once again and it is only after this that he should have the food. One must abstain from taking salt in any form.

Offerings To The Deity

Lord Hanuman loves red colour; therefore, red sindur, red cloth and red flowers are offered to him. Along with these he is worshiped with dhoop, deep, akshat, seasonal fruits and meva.

However, what is dearest to Lord Hanuman is the name of his master, Lord Rama. Hence, the more you chant his name, the more you are able to please him.

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    Story first published: Monday, April 23, 2018, 19:30 [IST]
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