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Janmashtami 2020: How To Celebrate The Birth Of Lord Krishna At Home

By Subodhini Menon

This year, Krishnashtami or Janmashtami will fall on 11 August and marks the 5247th birthday of Lord Krishna. It is an important festival for Hindus all over the world and anyone who loves Lord Krishna. Krishna is a God for the masses. There is no imposition of hard and fast rules to be followed while worshipping him. Some worship him as the Almighty and there are others who lovingly scold the Ladoo Gopal.

Feed Little Krishna With These Recipes On Janmashtami

Janmashtami: How to Celebrate, जन्माष्टमी के दिन ऐसी हो दिनचर्या | Astrology | Boldsky

How do you plan to celebrate this Janmashtami? It is not always possible to celebrate Janmashtami with all pomp and vigour. You may be a devotee who lives far from a temple or cannot visit the temple due to circumstances. But you need not fret.

Rituals Of Janmashtami

Lord Krishna himself said that even a leaf, a flower or a drop of water offered to him with love and devotion will be accepted by him. So, you need not worry about following all the rituals and can easily celebrate Lord Krishna's birthday at our home. How? Read on to find out how to celebrate Janmashtami at home. If you have any ideas that can make celebrating Janmashtami at home more fun, share with us in the comments section.


You Can Perform A Simple Pooja At Home

Choose a clean and quiet place and place Krishna's statue or picture there. You may choose to place an image of Ganesha too. Place a lamp in front of the images along with flowers, fruits, sweets or anything you wish to offer to the Lord. Meditate and pray to Ganesha first and light the lamp. Pray and meditate on Lord Krishna. Offer flowers to the lord and light incense. The Lord is partial to Tulsi leaves and flowers. So, use them in plenty. Offer fruits and sweets to the Lord. Chant 'Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya' while doing the Pooja. Sprinkle water on the diety's statue or image. When the Pooja is complete, distribute the fruits and sweets as prasad.


Include The Others Around You

Invite your relatives home to participate in the Pooja. If you stay away, ask your friends and neighbours to join you.


Prepare The Lord's Favorite Foods

The Vaishnava temples prepare a huge feast and have hundreds of dishes to offer to Lord Krishna. You might not be able to do it in such a large scale but you can still prepare Lord Krishna's Favorite foods Like khichdi, kheer and ladoo


Make It Exciting For Your Kids

Ask your kids to help with the decorations. They can help with the balloons or in making and hanging of garlands. They will be eager to help and will also have a lot of fun. You can also dress your little boy in Krishna's outfit and if you have a little daughter, she will look perfect in Radha's garb.


Conduct A Satsang

You can gather the ladies around your place and sing your favorite Bhajans. You can also choose to play devotional songs to promote a spiritual atmosphere.


Chant The Lord's Name

If you do not want to include too many people in the festivities or simply can't perform the Pooja, you can choose to chant Krishna Maha Mantra or any other Mantra or Shloka on japa mala (rosary beads). This will help you feel closer to the Lord.


Read The Holy Scriptures

Read the Bhagvat Gita or the Srimad Bhagvat and exalt in the stories and teachings of Lord Krishna.

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