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Vishwakarma Puja 2020: Rituals To Perform On This Auspicious Day

Lord Vishwakarma is believed to be the deity who is the main architect of the Universe. He is the son of the creator, Lord Brahma and is the official architect of all the palaces where the Gods have ever reside. He is also the designer of all the flying chariots of the Gods and their weapons. Not just this, it is said that Lanka Nagri, the kingdom of Ravana, was also designed by him. This year the festival is on 17 September.

As a mark of reverence for his divine skills of architecture and engineering, every year in the month of September or November, the workmen, engineers, craftsmen etc. perform the Vishwakarma puja in offices or at home. They are supposed not to work, rather they clean all the machines and tools used in their occupation, on this day.

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Vishwakarma is also known as the divine architect or the 'Dev Shilpi'. The Rig Veda describes Vishwakarma as the God with multi-dimensional vision and supreme strength. It is believed that most of the mythological architectures are the handiwork of Vishwakarma.

He is believed to have been one of the gems born out of the churning of the ocean by the gods and the demons and is credited for creating the missiles that were used by the Gods in the mythological era. He is also the architect of the powerful weapon carried by Indra which is known as the Vajra. To pay respect to him, the day of Vishwakarma Puja is observed. It is also considered to be the traditional new year for the businesses.

Check out below the rituals associated with Vishwakarma Puja.

This festival is observed mostly in offices and workshops. People also worship their vehicles and arms, if they have any at home on the day of Vishwakarma puja.

Cleaning Rituals: On the day of Vishwakarma Puja, usually the workplaces observe a holiday and the machines are not brought to use. People clean up their workplaces early in the morning. The machines are also cleaned and oiled on this day.

Decorations: The workplaces are decorated and idol of Lord Vishwakarma is placed in a corner. All the tools and equipment used for work are placed before the idol of the Lord and worshipped by chanting Vedic mantras.

Flying Kites: In some parts of Eastern and Northern India, people also fly kites on the day of Vishwakarma puja. The kite-flying competitions are also held which is a sheer treat for the eyes as the multi-coloured kites soar up high in the sky.

Prasad: After the puja, prasad is distributed among the employees. In most workplaces, a yearly feast is organised for the workers on the day of Vishwakarma puja.

Significance: On this day the workers take a break from work and all the machines are worshipped. Vishwakarma puja is a resolution time for all the workers and craftsmen to increase their productivity. Also, a time to gain inspiration from God to create novel things and think of novel ideas.

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