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A Handy List Of Auspicious And Inauspicious Dreams: What Do They Suggest?

Dreams are an inexplicable phenomenon which our waking mind finds difficult to decipher. For a mystic who has achieved a deeper connect with his subconscious, dreams can be indicative of some future event that is bound to follow sooner or later. Each symbol that figures in our dreams imply something that we need to analyse and understand. While some symbols herald the arrival of luck some others may foretell a mix of the good and the bad. Many dreams which you tend to classify as nightmares, can be actually good omens in the guise of a grave nature. Some dreams can just mean what they portray. Some dreams which seem auspicious may denote dangerous trend as well.
Agni Purana and Brahma Vaivartha Purana have their own interpretations for dreams, that occur on daily or on occasional basis. One can also have visions or dreams with spiritual significance. They are actually experiences of divine visitations as per the learned sources

Auspicious Or Good Dreams

1. Eating meat in a dream is an indicator of wealth.
2. Dreaming of a fruit laden tree shows that affluence is coming your way.
3. If you dream of being imprisoned, it signals prosperity and good fortune.
4. To dream of diyas or lamps or generally lights in any form shows you will receive riches and respect.
5. If you ride an ox, Horse, Elephant or climb a mountain, you are likely to get rich soon.
6. A pundit or guru entering your home in dreams, will bring along with him wealth and prosperity.
7. You are likely to suffer a weapon injury if you see yourself injured with weapons or being bitten by insects.
8. If you dream of night time, and see Cow, Lamp, Food, Chariot, water, cows milk and ghee this augurs well for wealth.
9. You will enjoy kingly powers or may even head a state if you see yourself savouring Curd Milk, Honey, Sweets, left out rice. The same thing is signified if you are seen wearing crown or see your head chopped off.
10. Seeing Sparrows flocking in the premises of your house, indicates you are going to be married.
11. If you see yourself wearing a yellow attire, you will be married,
12. When a white snake bite you, you can be sure there is marriage on the cards for you,
13. Dreaming mare, hen or bird surely indicates you will get a good spouse.
14. You will recover from a chronic illness if you see sun or moon in your dream.
15. If you see women clad in white clothes, you are sure to get relieved of your disease.
16. Seeing yourself on top of an elephant with trunk raised to his head indicates victory in your efforts.
17. If a pundit or Guru offers you flowers, it is going to turn into a blessing for your victory.
18. Seeing a pilgrimage centre, palace, jewels, and houses is a sign of victory.
19. If you see a celestial nymph entering your home holding a vessel full of water or paddy, affluence and great victory is predicted.

Inauspicious Or Bad Dreams

1. Finding yourself laughing loudly, or being a witness to a marriage celebration, or dance and music show is indicative of danger.
2. Seeing some wandering man, brings loss of wealth.
3. Seeing Pig, Monkey or Cats indicates sudden danger.
4. Seeing angry pundit or guru will mean extreme danger.
5. You will fall sick if you happen to be chased by angry buffaloes, donkey, bear and camel in your dream.
6. Dreaming of bride or bridegroom may be an unfortunate signal as it indicates sorrow and disappointment. You will mourn the death of some relative.
7.Dreaming about devil indicates that you will go through a great harm.
8. If you dream of your father dying, however, you may have an impending misfortune waiting for you.
9. If you see the eclipse of sun and moon in your dream it indicates death.
10. Travelling southwards mounted on a mule, camel or buffaloes signifies death
11. If in a dream one applies oil on his body or hair, it indicates death within a week. Some say that is indicative of some major illness that is going to befall him.
12. Seeing women in black attire is highly inauspicious for your life.
13. If one is cutting off his hair or nail it signifies death.
14. A dog or crow trying to harm you, shows that death will be inevitable.
15. Seeing grave brings on death, of someone close to you.
16. Dreaming of heaven shows that your remaining days will be spiritually rewarding and that you will die a peaceful death,
17.Seeing hell shows that you will be embroiled in physical suffering or mental anguish that is most likely caused by friends or enemies.

Story first published: Wednesday, January 25, 2023, 13:37 [IST]
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