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Vastu Tips For The Study Room

Study Room Direction Vastu | इस दिशा में रखें स्टडी टेबल, नहीं तो होगी परेशानी | Boldsky

Every parent wants their child to become wiser and more intelligent. It is a dream for them to see their child performing well at school. While the efforts need to be made by all including teachers, parents as well as the students, it becomes easier when the student or the child himself shows keen interest towards studies and is fast to grab what is taught to him.

However, some kids are not able to concentrate despite the best efforts from everywhere. What can be the reason? Can astrology or Vastu be one of the reasons?

Yes, Vastu as well as astrological reasons, some problem in either of these can be responsible for this. Here we are going to discuss the Vastu plan of the study room of your kid.


Location Of The Study Room

The study room can be located in the west, east or northeast of the house. These are auspicious directions for the room.

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Windows Of Study Room

Windows should be located in the east, west or north direction. However, sitting right before the window might cause distraction for the child.


The Student While Studying

The student should also avoid sitting right under the beam of light while studying. While sitting with face towards the window is not considered good, the wall towards which the child is facing should also not be blank. It is good if there is a wall behind the child while studying. The student should be facing towards the east or north direction while studying.


Doors Of The Study Room

The doors should be located in the east, west, northeast or north direction. Doors in the southeast, southwest or northwest corners are not considered good.


Bathroom In A Study Room

If possible toilets near the study area should be avoided. It is said that they bring negative energy into the house. However, a bathroom can still be there.



The cupboard where the books are kept should be located towards the north or east direction. Cleanliness of this cupboard is of prime importance. An idol of Lord Ganesha can be kept in it and should be offered prayers daily. It is believed that books kept in the southwest corner are not used by the student. Similarly, it is believed that when books are kept in the northwest corner, there are chances of their being stolen. It is inauspicious when the shelf or the cupboard of books is located just above the study table.


Study Table

It is better if the table is square or rectangular in shape. So avoid using any other shapes such as round or others. Never keep the table too attached to the wall, keep it at a distance of some inches.


Study Lamp

The study lamp, if any, should be located at the southeast corner of the table.


Computer System

The computer system should ideally be placed in the southeast corner of the study area.


Clock In The Study Room

The clock should be located on the north wall. It is auspicious if it is a pendulum clock.

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Colours Of The Walls In Study Room

The colours of the walls should not be too bright or dark. Light colours are advisable.

The study place should not be cluttered up. A pyramid kept in the study area helps to enhance the memory power of the child.

Story first published: Friday, January 25, 2019, 21:00 [IST]
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