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    Sasakti Shiva Navakam: One Prayer For All Your Wishes


    Lord Shiva can be pleased with minimal offering. The heart of this deity, who looks so emotionally tough, is the easiest to melt among various other deities. That is why he is also known as Bhole Nath, the innocent Lord. All a devotee needs in order to please him is true devotion. It is said that chanting a few mantras with a true heart is sufficient to please this deity, Lord Shiva. Given below is one such compilation of many shlokas. One of the most popular chants dedicated to Lord Shiva, the devotee through it seeks the fulfilment of various wishes.

    As the meaning of Sasakti Shiva Navakam has been stated, it is important to know that the words Iym and Kleem have not been translated as these words hold significance because of the sound that is produced, dedicated to Lord Shiva. This is especially helpful to those who want to gain expertise in various disciplines.


    1. Veda Shastra Purane Itihasa Kavya Kaladishu Vijnanam Dehi Mey, Iym Naam Kleem Shivay

    Give me the knowledge of the Vedas, the Shastras, History, Literature
    and Science, Oh Shiva, Iym salutations Kleem.

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    2. Chaturdasasu Vidyasu Chathu Shashthi Kalau Cha Chaturam Diyam Dehi, Iym Naam Kleem Shivaya

    Bless me with expertise in all the fourteen types of education and sixty-four types of arts
    Oh Shiva, Iym salutations Kleem.


    3. Mimyasaam Samastratam Sabadh Shasthre Vishesath Dehi Mey Dev Sambragnam Iym Naam Kleem Shivay

    Give me the knowledge of/expertise in all the branches of analytics, mainly in the science of phonetics
    Oh Shiva, Iym salutations Kleem.


    4. Ganishethu Cha Sarvagya Dehi Mey Parmeshvar Samyak Gyanam Jagannath Iym Naam Kleem Shivay

    Oh, the greatest God, give me the knowledge and complete understanding of Mathematics
    Oh Shiva, Iym salutations Kleem.


    5. Shrakleshvapi Kavyeshu, Saskalsu Kadhasu Cha Sahithyam Dehi Mey Vacham, Iym Naam Kleem Shivay

    Make me loquacious in all the literature and stories and give literary excellence
    Oh Shiva, Iym salutations Kleem.


    6. Hridayamboruhe Nityam Vaas Mey Gyagadishwar Har Mey Durithhah Saswad Iyam Naam Kleem Shivay Sou

    Dear Lord Shiva, please stay there in my mind, the mind which is like a lotus, and while staying there, please destroy all forms of sufferings; Oh Shiva, Iym salutations Kleem.


    7. Janmantahar Kartham Paapam, Budher Jadyakaram Shiv Jahi Janthashu Ninadam Cha Iym Naam Kleem Shivay

    Dear Lord Shiva I may have committed many sins in the past, those sins keep disturbing my mind, please forgive those sins of mine, and please remove the unhealthy intentions and thoughts that other beings might have towards me. Oh Shiva, Iym salutations Kleem.


    8. Vishyeshu Virakthim Cha Vividheshu Videhi Mey Vinatheshtadh Visvesh, Iym Naam Kleem Shivay

    Oh Lord Shiva please help me remove the unhealthy attachment that I have towards the things and people of this materialistic world. Oh Dear Shiva, you are the granter of the wishes of everyone, Oh Shiva Iym salutations Kleem.


    9. Mukthi Marg Param Chittam Kuru Mey Gyagadishwar Mugdha Chandra Kala Chuda Iym Naam Kleem Shivay

    Take me to the path towards liberation of soul, transform my mind for it.
    Oh dear Shiva, you are the wearer of the crescent moon on the head, Oh Shiva, Iym Salutations Kleem.

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    10. Ithyethad Navakam Nityam Bhakthitho Ya Paden Nar Pararambhasmasya Sidhyanthi Prarthhithanchaapi Sidhyathi

    These nine stanzas, recited with complete devotion to Lord Shiva by a devotee, will help him successfully complete every venture that he starts.

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