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Worship Goddess Katyayani For Marriage-related Problems


The nine forms of Goddess Durga are worshipped during the nine days of Navratri. Adi Shakti Durga removes all the problems from the lives of her devotees. Among these nine forms, there is one Goddess who is known to remove all the problems related to marriage in a person's life. It is said that she can remove doshas such as Manglik dosha as well.

She was the daughter of Sage Katyayan and is therefore known as Goddess Katyayani. Goddess Katyayani is depicted with four hands, wherein she holds a lotus in her upper left hand, a sword in her lower left hand. Similarly, the right hands are in Abhaya and Varada Mudra. Wearing a yellow coloured saree, she sits on a lion.


Benefits Of Worshipping Goddess Katyayani

It is said that peace and prosperity prevail in a house where Goddess Katyayani is worshipped. A person facing problems related to marriage is also advised to offer prayers to Goddess Katyayani. Delayed marriage, frequent conflicts between husband and wife, not being able to find the right partner etc., all these problems are removed by observing a fast for her during Navratri. Her descriptions are also found in Kalika Purana. Goddess Katyayani is also considered the Goddess of strength. She is therefore also worshipped to build fearlessness.

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Goddess Katyayani Associated With Twelfth House

It is said that astrologically, the Goddess is associated with planet Jupiter in the birth chart. She is also known as 'Adhishrashti Devi of Brahma Mandal'. It is also said that the women in Gokul offered prayers to this Goddess in order to seek Lord Krishna's love. It has been mentioned in the Bhagvat Purana that she used to bathe in Yamuna river and offered sandalwood, flowers and incense to the Goddess while offering a fast for her.

Given below are some of Goddess Katyayani Mantras for marriage-related problems.


1. Maa Katyani Mantra

Katyayani Mahamaaye Mahayoginyadheeshwari

Nand Gopsutam Devi Patim Me Kurute Namah


2. Maa Katyayani Mantra For Marriage

Om Hring Katyayanyai Swaha, Hring Shring Katyayanyai Swaha


3. Maa Katyayani Mantra For Early Marriage

Om Katyayani Mahamaaye, Mahayoginyadhishwari

Nand Gopsutat Devi Patim Me Kuru Te Namah


4. Maa Katyayani Mantra For Delayed Marriages

Hey Gauri Shankar Ardhangi Yatha Twam Shankar Priyaa

Tatha Mam Kuru Kalyani Kaantakam Sudurlabham


5. For A Marriage Free From Problems

Hey Gauri Shankar Ardhangini Yatha Twam Shankarpriya

Tatha Kam Kuru Kalyani Kant Kaant Sudurlabham


6. Katyayani Surya Mantra for Delayed Marriages

Om Devendrani Namastubhyam Devendrapriya Bhamini

Vivaaham Bhagyam Aarogyam Shighra Labham Cha Dehi Me.

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7. Mantra For A Desired Life Partner

Om Devendrani Namastubhyam Devendrapriya Bhamini

Vivaham Bhagyam Arogyam Shighram Cha Dehi Me


8. Mantra For A Blessed Married Life

Om Shang Shankaraya Sakal Janmarjeet Paap Vidhvans Naay

Purusharth Chatustay Labhay Cha Patim Me Dehi Kuru Kuru Swaha