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    Vastu Tips To Attract Wealth


    Always place the cash locker or the almirah that you keep the cash in, in the Southwest corner of the house. The North direction is that of Lord of Wealth, Lord Kuber. A cash locker kept in the south or the southwest direction opens towards the North. Hence, it should be kept in the Southwest direction of the house.

    The Northeast corner should always be neat, clean and organized. No waste items should be kept in this corner and it should also not be cluttered.

    Vastu Tips To Attract Wealth

    1. Staircases must also not be built in this direction.

    2. If there is a boundary wall around the house, it should not be curved at the northeast end. Rather it should have a right angle at that end.

    3. There should not be any high-rise building in front of the Northeast corner. Falling of the shadow of such a building at the house is considered inauspicious.

    4. The South-western part of the roof must be higher sloped than the North or especially the Northeast. Also, the Southern and the Western side walls of the house must be thicker than the Northern or the Eastern walls.

    5. Keeping a mirror in front of the cash cupboard attracts more wealth. It is believed that it doubles the wealth.

    6. The road in front of the plot should be higher than the surface of the plot. This obstructs the coming of the wealth.

    7. Planting purple-coloured plants and trees are auspicious for the flow of positive energy and wealth. If purple-coloured flowers are not available, then planting the money plant in a purple pot can also be considered.

    8. Never grow plants in the Northeast corner of the house, especially the taller plants. They should be grown in the Southwest corner instead.

    9. Keeping a fountain in the Northeast corner is considered auspicious.

    10. The center of the house should be considered for nothing other than making a temple. It is the Brahmasthan and hence should be neat, clean and unoccupied by other things.

    11. The doors and the windows of the house should be neat and clean too, otherwise they will obstruct the flow of money into the house.

    12. The main entrance of the house should be properly decorated, in order to attract wealth and the name plate too should be clear and visible. It is even better if the area around the name plate too can be decorated.

    13. The taps should not be leaking. This leads to a similar drain of wealth. Therefore, leaking taps should be fixed as soon as possible.

    14. Never have a well or other such structures in the Southwest corner of the house. The Southwest West regions should be well maintained and neat too.

    15. The almirah should not be kept under the beam of light. This too obstructs the flow of wealth into the house.

    16. Keeping an aquarium helps improve the flow of wealth into the house.

    17. Feeding the birds is one of the best ways to attract wealth. Serving the poor and the needy is another very beneficial way, not only to attract wealth but also for success in any other spheres of life.

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