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Is There A Connection Between Vastu Problems And Suicide?


Vastu describes basically two types of suicides. According to it, suicides might be committed because of momentary anger or because of constant mental unrest. Further, while momentary anger might not always be due to reasonable causes, there can be four major reasons behind constant mental unrest, which are career, strained relations, financial issues and health issues.

Most of the time people ignore the Vastu rules while constructing a building and end up buying plots which are inappropriate for them. Especially, when the plot or house is available at low prices, people ignore the Vastu rules and buy it.

But Vastu Shastra says that Vastu rules are important as the wrong construction of a house might become a reason for the suicide of the person.

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There are some general rules other than these which are believed to be probable reasons for suicides, as per Vastu. These are the first things to be checked, as per Vastu Shastra. Take a look.

1. A plot should not be located near a graveyard, a railway line, near or over bridges, etc.

2. One should also not buy a plot located near the powerhouses and towers.

3. Those plots which have an excess of trees or heavy trees in the compound are also not considered appropriate.

4. Houses occupied by cats, owls, pigeon or bats are believed to be occupied by negative energies, because all four of these symbolize negative energies.

5. The walls of the house should not have cracks in them.


Suicides Due To Momentary Anger

To avoid suicides due to momentary anger, we should not have heavy machinery in the south direction of the house. There should not be any iron tools or decaying metals kept in the south direction of the house. A cattle shed should also not be there in this direction of the house. The south portion should also not be extended much.

There should not be a kitchen or other areas where heat is generated in the western direction of the house.


Suicides Due To Career Issues

There should not be a waterbody or water tank in the western direction of the house. A storeroom should not be there in the north direction. Otherwise, the career of the individual might get negatively affected and thus might cause constant mental unrest.

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Suicides Due To Problems In Relations

There should not be a temple or place of worship present in the west direction of the house. The library or the study room should also not be situated in the south-east corners. While the north and east directions are associated with the Gods, the south direction is not good at all. Similarly, if there is a makeup room or dressing table placed in the west direction, it might become one of the reasons for strained relations.


Suicides Due To Financial Issues

The north direction is associated with finance. That is why it is often said that the cash cupboard should be placed in the north direction. In order to keep financial tensions at bay, we should follow all the rules related to the north direction. There should also not be a storeroom in the north direction. Anything which the gods would not like should not be placed in the north direction.


Suicides Due To Health Issues

To avoid health issues that can become the cause of a serious tension and a reason for constant worry, we should not construct south-facing houses. A waterbody in the north might also become responsible for the health issues of the family members. Vastu related to the east direction should also be properly followed for good health, says Vastu Shastra.

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