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Vastu Tips for Office: 15 tips for success and prosperity at work

By Ishi
Vastu Shastra Tips: Achieve Success in Business, व्यापार में पाएं सफलता इन वास्तु के उपायों से | Boldsky

As Vastu is one of the most important disciplines that has originated in India, we often refer to it while constructing buildings for making a house or office. Today, we will be telling you about some of the rules for office Vastu, mentioned in the Vastu Shastra.

Ups an downs are a part of every good business. It is a part of learning for every businessman. These ups and downs alone become the most inspiring part of the story when the business becomes a success.

Negative Energy Behind Business Not Running Well

Sometimes, things may seem to be going bad for a long time. They might not seem to be improving despite your best efforts. The business might not seem to be recovering its initial good state. For such cases, it is believed that various negative energies might be acting behind.

Evil eye is one of these energies, affecting a person/business negatively. In order to protect the business from such negative energies, there are some remedies which are prescribed in the Vastu Shastra, for the office.

Taking these measures will ensure that the effect of the negative energy is nullified as well as ensure that the business runs well. We have compiled some of the main tips that you need to observe in order to make things go well. Take a look.

15 Vastu Tips For Office

1. The plot for the construction of offices must either be square or rectangular in shape. Symmetrical shape ensures the equilibrium of mind of the person sitting there. Avoid from taking an irregular plot for this purpose.

2. Try that the place of the office is that filled with immense activeness such as being near a busy road. The offices situated in secluded places are not considered good and profitable.

3. Office must be constructed in the Southwest direction.

4. Make sure the person entering the office is not able to see the one siting there, directly from the outside.

5. The office must have an entrance towards the North direction. This is the most auspicious direction for the door of the office.

6. When the length of the table in the office is too long, it leads to delays in projects. The shape should be that of a square or rectangle. Other shapes symbolize many perspectives and hence become a reason for confusions. Irregular shapes are also not recommended. Not only this, the length and breadth ratio should be 2:1. This is the most auspicious ratio to ensure progress.

7. The best direction for the senior staff of the office to be seated is South or West. They must face the East while sitting in the West direction and should face the North direction while sitting in the North Direction.

8. Since North is associated with Lord Kuber, it is profitable for the trading businesses to have the entrance here. The East direction is good for your office if you are in a service industry.

9. Similarly, the East and the South directions are considered to be the most auspicious for the junior staff to be seated in the office.

10. Make sure that everybody in the office sits in such a way that there are no windows or doors behind them.

11. While facing the North, the files, folders, computer and related stuff must be kept on your left, however, these items should be kept on your right hand side while facing the East.

12. It is observed many a time that people like to keep the images of deities in the office. This must be avoided however in all cases. The idols of gods must be kept in a separate place used for worshiping.

13. Eating at this table is also considered to be inauspicious. The table meant for work should be associated only with work.

14. Make sure everything is well organized in the office. Cluttered things become a reason for cluttered mind.

15. Try to keep the stacks of files if any, near the wall in the western direction.

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