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Lock Your Property As Per Vastu


Did you know that the lock that you use for your house, has its significance as per Vastu Shastra? The direction of the door, the entrance, etc., matter in this aspect. Vastu Shastra is a study which originated in India and is today followed largely by the people.

It has various disciplines which offer detailed information for the items used in the house. Starting from the construction of the houses to the direction and places of things such as flower pots, it gives various points that need to be kept in mind.

Today, we are going to give you the information about which type of lock you should use according to Vastu Shastra.


East is the direction associated with the Sun God. The locks used for this direction should be red or other similar colours. The locks must be made of copper. This protects the place better. This protects the house from theft and keeps it protected.


The direction West is associated with Shani Dev. Therefore, the locks to be used in this direction should be black in colour and made of iron. Make sure the locks are heavy enough. Never use locks made of copper for this direction.


Make use of brass metal for locks to be used for this direction. Do not use any other metal. Also, keep in mind that these locks are of red or similar colour. If there are big rooms such as factories in this direction, it is advisable to use five locks to keep it even safer.


For the South, use the locks made of five metals. The locks should be red in colour and heavy in weight. This will keep the property safe and out of the reach of the thieves.


Yellow colour is the most auspicious for the locks used in this direction. The lock should be heavy. Red-coloured locks should be used for the rooms in this direction.

North-west and South-west

For the rooms located in this direction, use locks which are heavy and are silver coloured, whereas for the South-west, the locks to be used in this direction should be brown in colour, because this direction is associated with Rahu.

Other Facts To Be Kept In Mind

1. If keys of a lock have been misplaced, it is advised that you should not keep those locks at home. Such locks are inauspicious and the chances of theft get increased, says Vastu. This indicates existence of problems, for which there may be no solutions.

2. Never keep those locks in the house which make sounds. Either replace such locks with new ones or oil them at times, so that they no more make any sound.

3. If you are throwing the locks away, make sure that they are not locked already. Unlock them before discarding them.

4. For the Puja room of the house, no lock should be used.

5. Gifting somebody a set of lock and key is considered really good. It helps maintain safety and security in the life of the person.

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Story first published: Monday, June 25, 2018, 18:30 [IST]
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