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    Know If Shani Dev Is Disappointed With You

    By Ishi

    Shani Dev is the lord of the planet Saturn. He is known for the extreme level of results he gives, both positive as well as negative. If pleased, he will give you the best of results and if disappointed, it might become too difficult to pacify the situations. When the bad effects start, they might continue for a period as long as seven years.

    While other planets stay in a zodiac for a few months, he might stay for a period up to more than seven years. There are terms such as 'Dhaiya' and 'Saade-Saati', often used while discussing the position of Saturn in the birth chart by the astrologers. 'Dhaiya' is when Saturn stays for two and a half years and 'Saade- Saati' is when it stays for seven years.

    How To Know If Shani Dev Is Disappointed With You

    Whether the effects would be beneficial or malefic is further determined by the house that he is sitting in and the corresponding position of the other friendly or enemy planets in the same birth chart. However, it becomes of prime importance to pacify the situations if the effects are really bad or stay for a long term. The question is how to find out when Shani Dev is disappointed with you. Well, here we have mentioned a few indications to know if Shani Dev is disappointed with you.

    Peepal Tree

    If you see a peepal tree growing near your house, and it grows back again even if you uproot it, then it is an indication that Shani Dev is unhappy and is disappointed with you. You must start searching for remedies to please him.

    Collapsing Wall

    The collapsing of or a crack in the walls of a house are believed to be inauspicious because it leads to increased arguments among the family members. If any of the walls of your house is collapsing, despite preventive measures or even despite renovation, it indicates that Shani Dev is annoyed with you.


    Cobwebs are considered very inauspicious in a house. They are mainly found at places which have been abandoned and are not clean. They indicate unhappiness and emptiness in life. That is why the Vedas mention cleanliness is of highest importance. A growing number of cobwebs and spiders in the house indicates disappointment of Shani Dev. It is more so, if they continue appearing again despite regular cleaning.

    Black Cat

    It is believed that if a black cat has made your home her abode, it indicates Shani Dev is angry.


    Ants coming in a house is another inauspicious indication. If ants have started occupying your home, it's high time and you should start taking measures to please Shani Dev.

    Losing court cases and continuous issues with the boss, despite the best efforts, are other indications that Shani Dev is not happy with you these days.

    Facing problems in life whether daily or less frequently is nothing new but if you are facing too many issues and another problem arises before you finish solving the first one, then you must start worshiping Shani Dev and find out ways to please him. He is the lord of justice. It is said that he gives the results according to the past karmas of a person.

    Bad deeds done in the past life, render ill effects in the present life and the good ones bring good luck. Worshiping the lord of justice, and seeking pardon for the past mistakes, is a way to ask him for his grace and lessen the malefic effects and the miseries in one's life. He always listens to a devotee's prayers and blesses him.

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