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Ganesha Visarjan: Rules To Keep In Mind

Ganpati Visarjan: देखें गणपति विसर्जन की संपूर्ण विधि | Eco Friendly Ganpati Visarjan | Boldsky

Ganesha Chaturthi festival is celebrated for a period of ten days. It begins with Chaturthi and ends on the Chaturdashi Tithi. On the tenth day, the Visarjan is performed with huge pomp and show. This year, the Chaturdashi Tithi will be observed on September 23, 2018.

However, the Visarjan can be performed after one and a half, three, five, seven or nine days also. It depends to on the number of days one takes a vow to perform the puja.

What is more important are the rules that one must keep in mind while performing the Visarjan. Here we have brought to you a list of such rules that you need to follow during the Visarjan.



A puja should always be performed before performing the Visarjan. When people perform Visarjan during the evening, they simply carry the idol and immerse it. This is wrong. A puja using fresh flowers, fruits and a flower garland should always be performed. Swastivachan should be done with it.



Do not forget to prepare the Bhoga. Bhoga or a special dish should be prepared on the Visarjan day. It can be any sweet dish such as modak, laddu etc. Offer it to Lord Ganesha and then distribute this as prasad. It is a way of receiving the blessings of Lord Ganesha for a happy life.


Pomp And Show

The Visarjan should be performed with full pomp and show. Ganesha loves to see his devotees happy. All in the family, or those in the neighbourhood also, should also sing the songs of Ganesha.

Why Is Ganesha Visarjan Performed?


Do Not Leave Before The Idol Is Completely Immersed

Do not throw the idol in water. Place it slowly. Let the idol get immersed fully and do not leave it until it has completely melted if it is an eco-friendly idol. You can perform the Visarjan at home also, but pour the muddy water into one of the flower pots.

Ganesha Visarjan Vidhi

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