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    After 162 Years Kemdrum Yoga On Lunar Eclipse Day!

    Ashadha Purnima 2018: चंद्रग्रहण पर 162 साल बाद बन रहा है 'केमद्रुम योग, करें ये उपाय | Boldsk

    A solar eclipse never comes alone; it has just passed and we have another eclipse coming. There is always a lunar eclipse within one to two weeks either before or after the solar eclipse. On July 13th, the second solar eclipse of the year was observed. Now we will observe the second lunar eclipse in the month of July again. The lunar eclipse will be observed on 27th July.

    Kemdrum Yoga on Lunar Eclipse Day After 162 Years

    Lunar Eclipse And Its Types

    The eclipse happens when the sun, the moon and the earth all are aligned in the same line; it is a lunar eclipse when the lights of the sun do not fall on the moon because the earth comes in between.

    Lunar eclipses are of two types, partial as well as total. This one will be a partial lunar eclipse. It is happening after 104 years and is being called the blood moon.

    Solar Eclipse In August Too!

    Kemdrum Yoga After 162 Years

    However, what is yet more worth being noted is that this lunar eclipse will witness another yoga, which is known as Kemdrum Yoga. This yoga happens only after 162 years. This yoga is an auspicious as well as a perfect chance for those individuals who are suffering from Kemdrum Yoga. Well, you must be wondering what is Kemdrum Yoga. Let us tell you.

    What Is Kemdrum Yoga And How It Is Formed

    Kemdrum Yoga is formed when one house each in the front as well as the back of the moon in the zodiac is vacant. This is believed inauspicious and a number of ill effects are seen in the life of an individual because of this yoga. However, along with the problems which might arise because of this, the individual also gets the strength and ability to face this phase.

    Places before and after the moon being vacant symbolise parts of the mind being vacant, and as we know, an empty mind brings in restlessness and risks. When the second and the twelfth house are vacant, it is called the Kemdrum Yoga.

    Effects Of Kemdrum Yoga

    Due to this yoga, the individual has to face a number of hurdles in life. They face lack of respect in the society, lack of prosperity and lack of peace in life. The person suffers from sadnesses, lack of hope and excessive negativity. They find themselves alone even among the masses. The one suffering from this yoga is unable to find true love.

    Thus, it becomes vital to get the dosha removed as soon as possible. Among its remedies, it is suggested that one should:
    1. Observe fasts on Purnima days, consecutively for four years, beginning from a Purnima which falls on a Monday.

    2. Chant Shiv Panchakshari mantra - _Om Namah Shivaaye_.

    3. Offering cow's milk to a Shivalinga can help as well. Similarly, one should also visit a Shiva temple on a Monday, etc.

    As we know, the puja can be performed in order to remedy any dosha or inauspicious occurrence in the birth chart.

    Kemdrum Puja On This Solar Eclipse Day
    This is one remedy which can ideally be performed on this lunar eclipse day. It being the Ashadh Purnima, the occasion has become more auspicious. This lunar eclipse is offering such an auspiciousness for this puja, after a long period of 162 years. By performing the Kemdrum Yoga Puja, all the problems related to this yoga will get resolved.

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